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    by Managing Editor

    Women 2.0 Startup Weekend Virgin to Addict In 54 Hours

    By Jenn Viane Riese (Founder, Modern Humanity)

    I’m no techie. I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit and I own a consulting company. I thought Ruby on Rails was a strip club. Admit it, it’s a great name for one. I didn’t think I had any right to attend Startup Weekend but I did have an idea, my passion project. Seeing it fail before even getting the chance to try — that was scarier than trying to find common ground in a room full of engineers.

    Still I felt I’d be an alien, a fish out of water, a dork trying to fit in. Would everyone think my pitch was lame? Yes, I was convinced. I’d have to go home on Friday night because no one would want to help build my team and no one would find me valuable to theirs.