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    by Angie Chang

    Technovation Challenge A Course In Entrepreneurship For High School Girls – And Their Mentors

    Words of wisdom from Technovation Challenge speakers, and invitation to Pitch Events.

    By Jeri Countryman (Director of Curriculum & Assessment, Iridescent)

    The Technovation Challenge is a program to promote women in technology by giving girls the skills and confidence they need to be successful in computer science and entrepreneurship by developing a mobile phone app prototype, writing a business plan and pitching their idea to a panel of venture capital and technology startup judges.

    During the ten-week program girls are supported by high school teachers and female mentors in the technology industry. This spring over 500 girls are participating

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    by Angie Chang

    The .CO Movement: Starting Up At Rana.co, Luxr.co, Tailored.co

    By Lori Anne Wardi (Vice President, .CO)

    I joined the .CO team way back in 2008, when we were putting together the bid to win the right to launch the .CO domain globally. Our little startup won the right to administer .CO in 2009, beating out industry giants like Verisign, which runs the .com and .net domain extensions. What a great coup! I was passionate about our mission from the very start – and continue to be so to this day.

    So what is .CO? Some call it a “domain name” or a “web address,” others use more technical terms like “extension”, “url” or “TLD”. But to a growing community of the world’s most creative and

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    by Angie Chang

    Silicon Valley’s Designing Women Give Tips On Talking Tech

    By E.B. Boyd (Silicon Valley Reporter, Fast Company)

    Some of tech’s leading designers gather at 500 Startups to inspire the next generation. Step one: Learn how to code.

    On Friday, a dozen of Silicon Valley’s top women designers gathered at 500 Startups for a sold-out mini-symposium on everything from design best practices to how best to chart careers. The event titled “Women in Design” was put on by The Designer Fund. The idea behind the gathering, Designer Fund co-founder Enrique Allen tells Fast Company, is to “inspire the next generation of designers through storytelling.”

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    by Angie Chang

    Lean Startup Machine: 1 Part Learning + 1 Part Mentorship.. Stir!

    By Kelley Boyd (Founder & Strategist, Think Experience)

    My first experience at Lean Startup Machine (LSM) was also the first Lean Startup Machine ever held. It was just over a year ago, and I mean that literally. I walked into LSM at Hive at 55 and began relationships that I hold among the closest in my professional life today.

    As an attendee at the first #LsmNYC, I absorbed firsthand guidance from two actual practitioners of Lean: Brant Cooper, Co-Author of The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development, and Giff Constable, who was going “lean” with his startup Aprizi.

  5. foodspotting
    by Angie Chang

    UX Methods and Prototyping Tools to Communicate Your Startup Vision

    By Alexa Andrzejewski (Founder & CEO, Foodspotting)

    When people ask me for advice on how to take an idea and make it real, my number one tip is to share your idea with anyone who will listen. This was also lesson one in the Women 2.0 workshop I took when I was first considering turning Foodspotting into a startup: The value of sharing your idea far outweighs the risk that someone is just sitting around with nothing better to do than steal it!

    In fact, in building Foodspotting, I’ve realized that taking an idea and making it concrete is the most important thing you can do as a startup founder. Can you picture that?