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    by Angie Chang

    Get A Better Smartphone Case On Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo

    Entrepreneur Susan Wilson is raising funds for Life-Case on Indiegogo – one week left to fund her!

    By Amy-Willard Cross (Editor, Vitamin W)

    You can’t really walk around with just a phone and a $20 bill. But most phone cases don’t let you stash more than that.

    Susan Wilson realized she didn’t want to carry around a purse All-The-Time – especially after she left a rest-stop with her phone but without her wallet with hundreds of dollars in it. Wilson says, “I’m more connected to my phone than my wallet.”

    So she designed the Life-Case which can hold credits cards, keys, business cards and condoms. Bigger than a wallet, smaller than a purse, it can even hold tampons.

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    by Angie Chang

    Female Founders To Watch Disrupting The Entertainment Industry

    Where are the women disrupting the way entertainment is produced, consumed, distributed?

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Entertainment is a huge industry traditionally generated by Hollywood. From concerts to movies, we’re always looking for things to do, places to go, people to see.

    Museums, shopping, art galleries, even food are part of the big entertainment business for people to consume, purchase, experience.

    Where are the opportunities for disruption in entertainment? We’re also curious to find female-founded startups that disrupt the way consume entertainment?

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    by Angie Chang

    2 Days Left To Support BlackGirlsCODE Summer Of Code Program

    During the 2012 SUMMER of CODE, BlackGirlsCODE plans to reach more than 300 students by holding one and two-day workshops and summer camps in seven or more cities in 90 days (San Fransisco, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Support BlackGirlsCODE!

    By Abby Bobé (Dual MBA & Computer Science Candidate, Mills College)

    School may be out for summer but that doesn’t put a halt to the BlackGirlsCODE mission to educate young girls of color across the nation in computer programming.

    To close the digital divide and change the face of tech, founder Kimberly Bryant of BlackGirlsCODE will travel 7 cities in 90 days to teach over 300 young girls how to build their very own video game, build a webpage, program robots and other fun and creative activities.

    I was fortunate enough to join the team of 30 volunteers during BGC’s largest summer workshop yet in Oakland, California

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    by Angie Chang

    Fundable For The Non-In Crowd (Crowdfunding For Startups)

    Raising capital for equity, or in return for a customized ‘pigs will fly t-shirt’.

    By Heddi Cundle (Founder & CEO, myTab)

    I signed up my startup myTab to Fundable recently. We need cash for myTab to scale. We’re doing well, things are on target yet investors will not go near a female single entrepreneur, not even if they’re blind drunk (the investors, just FYI). I’m like a Medusa to them! We’re getting rave reviews about myTab, scaling well, 40% return visitors, nearly 100k uniques a month and boostrapping like Goodwill. We’re getting there and we can shout above the noise quite easily.

    Regardless, no one will invest because we don’t have that ‘lead guy’ on board. It’s a bit of a gender problem in Silicon Valley

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    by Angie Chang

    Danae Ringelmann’s Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo Raises $15M

    The indie film fundraising site raised $15 million series A to take the crowdfunding platform mainstream.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Today, Indiegogo announced a new $15 million Series A round of funding led by Insight Venture Partners and Khosla Ventures – with the participation of existing Indiegogo investors Metamorphic Ventures, MHS Capital, ffVenture Capital, and Steve Schoettler. Indiegogo had raised a $1.5 million seed round a year ago.

    Co-founder and COO Danae Ringelmann‘s initial idea was to set up an independent film investment fund but during her tenure at UC Berkeley‘s Haas School of Business, she met fellow MBA Eric Schell and his former colleague – and together

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    by Angie Chang

    Founder Friday Mixers (February 3 in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, NYC, Madrid & Barcelona)

    By Sepideh Nasiri (Corporate Sponsorships & Events Director, Women 2.0)

    Women 2.0 is hosting six global Founder Friday networking mixers for women entrepreneurs and their friends on Friday, February 3, 2012 in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, Madrid and Barcelona.

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    by Managing Editor

    What Pink Ghetto? Women Start Technology Companies

    By Marian Mangoubi (Founder & CEO, Sassy CEO)

    There’s an image of entrepreneurial women focusing on their startups on beauty, shopping, and fashion (“Pink Ghetto“). However, after a year of studying tech companies founded by women, I can say emphatically that this is a misrepresentation.

    Last year around this time there was a lot of discussion, “where are all the women in tech?” Each time I heard or read this. I noticed there were never statistics provided on the number of tech companies founded by women.

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    by Angie Chang

    Help Us Raise Funds To Make The Founder Labs Documentary

    By Resmi Arjunanpillai (VP Marketing, Founder Labs)

    Sponsor an educational video series from Founder Labs and get one hour of 1:1 time with startup luminaries and VCs like Steve Blank, Eric Ries and Ann Miura-Ko: Details here.

    Founder Labs is a pre-incubator focused on the first phase of launching a mobile startup. In five weeks, Founder Labs participants build a founding team, validate an idea and create a working prototype of their product, creating successful companies like Spoondate and Cake Health.

  9. tarahunt2
    by Angie Chang

    Help A First-Time CEO Get to Astia in NYC!

    By Tara Hunt (Co-Founder & CEO, Buyosphere)

    Hi, I’m Tara Hunt, co-founder and CEO of Buyosphere, a Montreal-based bootstrapped startup that is aiming to positively impact the world by giving consumers access to their buying history. All sorts of revolutionary stuff is going to come of it and we’re just getting started, but we’ve already gotten lots of people excited!

    Earlier this year, me and my company applied to be part of the prestigious Astia program in NYC. It’s a really great program for first time women CEO’s of which I’m one. From their website:

    “Astia is a unique, global not-for-profit organization. We provide innovative programs that ensure companies gain access to capital, achieve and sustain high-growth, and develop the executive leadership of the founding team.”

    When we applied, I thought we’d have raised some seed money by now… and because of the high number of applications and great candidates, it was a long shot to get into the program at all. I applied, then waited. Then found out we were short-listed and had to get to New York to present in front of a panel of judges. When I found out we got through the screening and were one of the chosen few accepted to the program, I was elated… yet saddened.

    Entry to the program costs $5000. And we just don’t have that kind of money. We’re so bootstrapped we are sandal-strapped (see my TEDxConcordia talk)! And though we do what we can to keep paying the awesome people building Buyosphere, I can’t justify paying for this program out of our teensy bits of bootstrapped money left because it would mean not paying a developer or designer.

    So… I’ve come here to see if I can micro-fund my participation in this program!