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    by Jessica Stillman

    Why You Can’t Hire

    The CEO of AngelList argues that the problem isn’t too few developers; it’s too many founders. Time to “throw out the old cap tables.” 

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    by Angie Chang

    Diversity Messes with Your Culture… and That’s a Good Thing

    The key distinction here is between culture and values. You don’t need people to fit your culture – but you do need them to reflect your values.

    By Lauren Bacon (Author, The Boss of You)

    One of the real challenges of diversifying your team is that – at the risk of stating the obvious – your workplace is going to feel different, because it will include more difference. And that’s not always a comfortable feeling.

    I see small companies struggle with this all the time. For a small team, every new hire risks being disruptive, and if you branch out from your demographic norms, whatever those are (age-wise, ethnicity-wise, gender-wise, ability-wise, and so on), that can feel higher risk.

    When we feel uncomfortable with a prospective new hire, it can be easy to fall back on “culture fit” as an excuse for sticking with same-same demographics.

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    by Angie Chang

    5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Startup

    You have to ask yourself about the company that you are joining and the role that you are planning to take. This requires you to be introspective in understanding where your personal strengths fit in the overall goal of the company.

    By Lien Nguyen (Co-Founder, Joy de Jewels)

    I started my working career at Intel and I had worked at 3 different Silicon Valley startups. Taking a new job at a startup is not a small decision to make. It’s difficult because the few hours you spend interviewing determine who you are

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    by Angie Chang

    Startup Hiring Room

    We’ve worked hard to ensure that women and other people typically under-represented at entrepreneurship conferences are very much a part of this event

    By Sarah Milstein (Co-Host, The Lean Startup Conference)

    What do startups need most these days? Great people to hire.

    To help young companies find strong candidates, The Lean Startup Conference is hosting a Hiring Room, and we want to make sure women-led startups are represented.

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    by Angie Chang

    Looking For A ‘Partner in Crime’ At Intel Capital

    You complement our diverse crew (a FEM of 67!) with collective experiences ranging from serial entrepreneur seed investor investment banker.

    By Christine Herron (Director, Intel Capital)

    We recently announced that Intel Capital Director Baris Aksoy is headed to Turkey to lead our new Istanbul office. As suspected, this means that we are seeking a new Director to join us on the Consumer Internet team at Intel Capital. Interested? Read on.

    Who are we looking for? Ideally, our new partner is based in the Bay Area, has a great network, and is known and respected as an Internet investor. You complement our diverse crew (a FEM of 67!) with collective experiences ranging from serial entrepreneur seed investor investment banker.

  6. recruiting
    by Angie Chang

    Recruiting Tips For Employers From Successful Small Tech Firms

    Recruit the whole person, not just the geek.

    By John Rossheim (Monster Senior Contributing Writer, STL Today)

    “Motivated people want to know that their role is crafted for their skill set and growth and personality,” says Julia Hu, CEO of Lark, a 2-year-old company in Mountain View, Calif., which markets a wearable silent alarm clock that links to an iPhone.

    Burgeoning talent, especially the 20-something crowd, is doing more than cruising job descriptions to scope out career possibilities. They’re looking for opportunities wherever they hang out.

    “The first time I heard of the company was when

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    by Angie Chang

    In War For Talent, "Brogrammers" Will Be Losers

    “The rise of the brogrammer joke and its ensuing backlash has some benefits: It helps talented women choose worthy employers, it gives a name and face to a problem that plagues the industry and it publicly shames some of the most sexist offenders.”

    By Gina Trapani (Founder, ThinkUp)

    In 1999, Google’s Marissa Mayer almost didn’t take the job at the all-male startup because there were more women at another firm that made her an offer. If Mayer had just graduated from college today with offers from two equally compelling startups – one all-male and one not – it’s clear which one she would choose.

    If you write software for a living and you’re located in Silicon Valley, you have your pick of employment options at an array of tech startups – yes, even in this economy. When a recruiter’s pitch is: “Wanna bro down and crush some code?” – like San Francisco-based Klout’s was – you get a sense of what that company is looking for.

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    by Angie Chang

    How We Hire: Interviewing, Contracting The First Startup Employees

    A week-long contract with a potential employee is enough time to assess whether you want to hire.

    By Elizabeth Yin (Co-Founder, LaunchBit)

    Making our first full-time hire was really nerve-wracking.

    Finding someone really sharp AND would fit in super well was going to be a challenge. So for full-time candidates, we’ve adopted what companies like Pulse and Hubspot do. We work with potential candidates on a contract basis first before extending a full-time offer.

    Having done this a few times now, I *love* their method.

    Our process from start to finish is pretty simple. First, we screen resumes and interview people. If we find someone

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    by Angie Chang

    How To Get Hired Doing What You Actually Love

    Sharing brilliance to be better young entrepreneurs.

    By Kelly Azevedo (Contributing Blogger, Young Entrepreneurs Council)

    A recent Pew study reveals what many of us have already observed: re-employed workers — those who lose their jobs and are then hired elsewhere — are more likely to consider themselves overqualified for what becomes their current position and are less likely to get a sense of identify from their work. In other words, they end up at jobs they don’t really want.

    Whether you’ve lost your job and are looking to be the exception to this rule, or you’d like to trade your current position for one that better matches your qualifications, here are three strategies to help you receive an offer for the job that you actually want:

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    by Angie Chang

    The Label Or The Characteristic: CEOs And Marriage (Stereotypes)

    The problem with looking at a demographic label rather than a person’s individual characteristics.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    This headline caught my eye last week: “The Marriage Plot: Single CEOs Make for Riskier Investments”.

    The CNNMoney article summarized a study conducted by two Wharton professors and released by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

    The study tracked 1500 public companies and found that the stocks of companies headed by executives who are single are riskier than shares of companies run by married CEOs:

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    by Angie Chang

    Hiring An Associate At Bessemer Venture Partners (Silicon Valley)

    We’ve noticed that people who are successful in VC have already formed relationships with people in technology and are incredibly resourceful.

    By Sarah Tavel (Vice President, Bessemer Venture Partners)

    We are looking to hire an Associate to join me and my colleague Jeremy Levine at Bessemer. This is a Silicon Valley-based opportunity, though we anticipate that it will involve frequent and extended travel to New York, at least initially.

    As an Associate you will actively participate in all stages of identifying and evaluating investment opportunities while supporting Jeremy and me in our ongoing involvement with portfolio companies. We spend most of our time looking at opportunities in the cloud computing, internet, e-commerce and consumer web space.

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    by Angie Chang

    Young CEOs Of Startups Find Benefits, Challenges By Hiring Employees 40 And Older

    Young startups tend to hire younger workers.

    By Nate C. Hindman (Writer, Huffington Post)

    Eric Grosse’s rite of passage at TaskRabbit, a San Francisco-based web startup, came late last year at the company’s annual holiday party. It was just one month after TaskRabbit hired Grosse, who was previously a senior executive at Expedia, the online travel giant. Someone at the party turned on the office’s Xbox and popped in the game Dance Central. Suddenly, Grosse, who is 42, found himself in a virtual dance-off with his co-workers, most of whom are in their 20s.

    Despite some dexterous dance moves, Grosse is still considered the old guy at the office. Had he remained in corporate America, his age would be unremarkable, but young companies