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    by Jessica Stillman

    Why You Can’t Hire

    The CEO of AngelList argues that the problem isn’t too few developers; it’s too many founders. Time to “throw out the old cap tables.” 

  2. There-Can-Be-Only-One-by-Ian-Sane
    by Angie Chang

    Diversity Messes with Your Culture… and That’s a Good Thing

    The key distinction here is between culture and values. You don’t need people to fit your culture – but you do need them to reflect your values.

    By Lauren Bacon (Author, The Boss of You)

    One of the real challenges of diversifying your team is that – at the risk of stating the obvious – your workplace is going to feel different, because it will include more difference. And that’s not always a comfortable feeling.

    I see small companies struggle with this all the time. For a small team, every new hire risks being disruptive, and if you branch out from your demographic norms, whatever those are (age-wise, ethnicity-wise, gender-wise, ability-wise, and so on), that can feel higher risk.

    When we feel uncomfortable with a prospective new hire, it can be easy to fall back on “culture fit” as an excuse for sticking with same-same demographics.

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    by Angie Chang

    5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Startup

    You have to ask yourself about the company that you are joining and the role that you are planning to take. This requires you to be introspective in understanding where your personal strengths fit in the overall goal of the company.

    By Lien Nguyen (Co-Founder, Joy de Jewels)

    I started my working career at Intel and I had worked at 3 different Silicon Valley startups. Taking a new job at a startup is not a small decision to make. It’s difficult because the few hours you spend interviewing determine who you are