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    by Angie Chang

    Technical Project Management, Self-Learning Software Engineering And iOS Applications, Oh My

    I went into this class with some preconceptions about how an ideal project manager should act. I learned that the reality was more complicated.

    By Veronica Ray (Senior, Duke University)

    This semester, I took a Computer Science course at Duke called Apps: From Concept to Client. My three-member team worked on a native iPad application for Visualizing Venice, an interdisciplinary collaboration

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    by Angie Chang

    4 Hacks To Learning To Be A Hacker, "A Python Ate Me!" & More

    Programming is by no means an individual pilgrimage; seeing what others are working on and helping/getting help from others can make learning much more fun and rewarding.

    By Michelle Sun (Student, Hackbright Academy)

    It’s the beginning of Hackbright Academy, working on Python.

    There has been ups and downs, some days (and nights) of pure nightmares, literally (quoting one of my classmates, “I dreamed that a python ate me last night”!), and some days of awesome state of “flow”, when hours seem to fly by and lots get done.

    I begin to realize I am approaching this 10-week course less as a syntax crash course, more of a training of the mind. Many hackers eventually build in other languages, but mastering

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    by Angie Chang

    How To Survive The "Trough Of Sorrow" As A Solo Non-Technical Startup Founder

    And then my co-founder and CTO in Julia Grace joined my startup. Having a co-founder is infinitely better!

    By Tracy Osborn (Founder, WeddingLovely)

    In the last year, I’ve gone from building a random side project (after finding a co-founder ultimately failed), to running a revenue-generating company which just finished the F11 batch of 500 Startups.

    I’ve done all of this as a solo female designer first-time entrepreneur. I’m building WeddingLovely, dedicated to making wedding planning easier and supporting independent wedding vendors.

    Looking back on the last year, there are several big things that directly contributed to the success I’ve had thus far. Before I dive into my story, I’d like to note that having a co-founder is better

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    by Angie Chang

    “Brogrammers”: Just One Of The Girls

    Accessibility to tech rained on by “brogramming”.

    By Adda Birnir (Co-Founder, Balance Media & Skillcrush)

    I have been following the “brogrammer” meme for months now with a mix of annoyance and exasperation. I was bummed that Twilio, a company whose product I greatly admire, helped start this “joke” and then followed the Hacker News job posting hubbub and subsequent chronicling of “brogramming” by a number of tech media outlets.

    But as I was reading about Klout’s “Want to bro down and crush code?” job recruitment poster at a recent Stanford career fair, I for the first time felt some sympathy for the guys

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    by Angie Chang

    A Co-Founder Love Story (My Top 10 List)

    By Bridget Thornton (Co-Founder & CEO, TrackIgnite)

    OK, so my co-founder and I aren’t “in love” but we sure are one hell of a match. The other day I came across a lot of posts on Hacker News from single founders desperate to find their co-founder in time for the Y Combinator applications for winter class.

    My co-founder and I chuckled at the desperate pleas that sounded like people desperate to find a husband or wife before it’s too late to procreate. A co-founder is just like finding a domestic partner: You. Can’t. Push. It. There must be shared interests, common goals and dreams and mutual respect in a marriage