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    by Angie Chang

    Growth Hacker – The New “In” Thing

    This is an intersection of technical chops with marketing – as defined in Andrew Chen’s post.

    By Romy Misra (Director of Analytics, Visual.ly)

    There has been considerable debate off late of the Growth Hacker being the new VP of marketing, kicked off by this Andrew Chen blog post. It looks like it’s on it’s way to be the the next big thing after the “data scientist”.

    Data Scientists took off a few years ago. The current state is that most companies, including a lot of startups, are hiring data scientists with little knowledge of what to do with them. I’ve had companies admitting they don’t know why they’re collecting the data but they are. Everyone is collecting data. Everyone wants

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    by Angie Chang

    The Science Of Marketing

    Marketing in Silicon Valley requires a scientific approach.

    By Julie Zhou (Growthmaster, Hipmunk)

    Math was my favorite subject in high school. After college, I was primed for the well-trodden path to investment banking where I could play with numbers all day. Instead, when Google came calling in search of marketers, my career took an unexpected turn.

    Marketing? The department first to get budget cuts in tough times? Why was a company that had grown into a global powerhouse by living and breathing data hiring marketers?

    Years later, I had learned that marketing was unmistakably a science – it was the science of discovering what people loved