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  1. by Angie Chang

    Code For Oakland: The Most Diverse Hackathon Ever

    Hackathons have always been creative. They remind me of spontaneous music jams – only instead of drummers and saxophonists, we gather as product managers, UI designers and coders.

    By Romy Ilano (Founder, Snowyla)

    Sometimes people ask me why I go to so many hackathons… “Isn’t it a lot of work?” I just laugh, because I feel like this is such fun to me. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend meeting smart, passionate people pushing forward to make stuff for the world to use? This is fun!

    Nowadays hackathons have diversified, and there are Government 2.0 hackathons. Yes, government!

    Code for Oakland celebrated its second year this July, and it was one of a new breed of Government 2.0 hackathons