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    by Angie Chang

    You’re Not a Early-Stage Startup Founder If You’re Getting Paid

    Startup founders – stay hungry, stay foolish.

    By Samihah Azim (Founder & CEO, GleeBox)

    I recently went to an event on Fundraising where Ajit Medhekar, part of Band of Angels, sat on the panel to discuss early stage fundraising and the various seed investment structures. He mentioned that if you’re getting paid, you’re most certainly not a Founder, specifically if this is an early stage company where all you really have is seed investment.

    Barely 40 minutes later, I met a founder who’s considering shutting down their company because it wasn’t performing well. They sounded defeated and heartbroken, but this is a tale that’s all too common in Silicon Valley.

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    by Angie Chang

    Do We Have to Give Up Our Femininity?

    I do love video games, hate shopping, love the color pink, could talk about software product design and development all day, and am obsessed with anything that sparkles, but I’ve been unintentionally hiding that side of me that loves shoes and the color pink.

    By Samihah Azim (Founder & CEO, GleeBox)

    I recently had a conversation with one of my lawyer friends who’s very stylish and fashionable, about blogging. It’s no secret that I have friends who choose my clothes for me since I’d be completely lost on fashion without them.