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  1. Girl on Mobile Smart Phone
    by Jordan Hunter

    Google’s New Initiative Plans To Change The Future Of Careers In Technology

    Google just released their workforce demographics, which revealed only 30 percent of their employees were women. Now the tech giant has a new $50 million initiative to close the gender gap.

  2. girls-in-stem-title
    by Angie Chang

    In A Room Of 25 Engineers, Only 3 Will Be Women. Let’s Change This.

    20% of women with math and science degrees work in a related field.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Girls are smarter than boys, the infographic below states. Studies show that at an early age, girls are smarter than boys.

    But girls question their ability, losing confidence and self-esteem from elementary years to their teens – even into college.

    20% of female computer science students question whether they should be there. Then – only 20% of women with a degree in math or science even work in a related field. So when we ask, “Where are the women in the maths and sciences?” – now

  3. IMG_3609
    by Angie Chang

    High School Intern’s Experience at a Women-Led Software Startup

    By Carmen Vargas (Intern, Experience in Software)

    I’ve been in Eureka! since the 7th grade, and I was thrilled to finally get an internship this year. Eureka! is a program that takes place during the summer and school year. It helps teenage girls prepare for college and it prepares them to work in a world where math, science, and technology are used.

    In my interview with Zakiya, Eureka!’s coordinator, I informed her about the different interests I have, which include fashion designing, drawing, and cosmetology. I had to wait about 3 weeks until Zakiya would announce the internship sites.