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    by Angie Chang

    Coming Up With A Business Idea (Infographic)

    “Start with a high-level problem space that you’re passionate about, then narrow it down from there.”

    By Jessica Mah (Co-Founder & CEO, InDinero)

    Our friends at GiftRocket put together a very cool infographic on Paul Graham’s “Startup Ideas We’d Like to Fund”. Back in 2008, he put together 30 problem spaces he thought startups should tackle.

    inDinero specifically attacks idea #21:

    21. Finance software for individuals and small businesses. Intuit seems ripe for picking off. The difficulty is that they’ve got data connections with all the banks. That’s hard for a small startup to match. But if you can start in a neighboring area

  2. paulgraham2
    by Angie Chang

    Does Paul Graham Get What He Asks For? [Infographic]

    By Kapil Kale (Co-Founder, GiftRocket)

    I first came across Paul Graham’s article, Startup Ideas We’d Like To Fund, in a Google search in mid-2010.

    Though published two years earlier, I thought the article was the most thorough compilation of problem spaces for startups to tackle anywhere on the web.

    Before coming up with the idea for GiftRocket, we (the founders) treated it like a problem set. We’d methodically work through the list and have late night discussions about