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    by Angie Chang

    Female Founders To Watch: PITCH Finalists (Where Are They Now?)

    Women 2.0 PITCH startup competitions finalists continue to impress over the years.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    After the years ago by, we wonder “Where are they now?”

    The finalists for the last 5 years of PITCH startup competition have gone to impress us with their mettle and ability to adapt and evolve. Some are still working on the same startup, while some have pivoted or moved on to another venture or business opportunity.

    Here are female founders who have placed as finalists for the Women 2.0 PITCH startup competitions, and gone on to a variety of impressive and interesting things:

  2. Giddy individual package
    by Angie Chang

    Women 2.0 PITCH 2009 Finalist Giddy Snacks in Virgin Atlantic Flights and Target Stores This Year

    By Sally Jones (Co-Founder, Giddy)

    How many times have you heard your friends complain about the challenge of finding healthy on-the-go snacks for their kids? We realized moms everywhere were sick and tired of feeling guilty over the snacks they gave their kids and of fighting with them over what they could and couldn’t eat. That’s when the inspiration struck… why should only the junky, artificial snacks be fun?

    The Beginning of Giddy: The Team

    My fellow Giddy co-founder Jill and I met while attending business school and quickly bonded over a shared passion for all things health and wellness related. When we weren’t in class you could find us training for our next triathlon or planning a festive dinner party with friends. We worked on a few business plans together but ended up pursuing more traditional paths after graduation. The entrepreneurial inkling was strong though, and a few years later we found ourselves brainstorming various ventures that aligned with our personal interests and itching to take the entrepreneurial leap.

    As we began to research the kids snack market, we quickly noticed that while there was no shortage of fun snacks for kids, most of these were the same options available when we were young and loaded with artificial ingredients. On the other end of the spectrum, when you walked down the snack aisle at a natural / specialty grocery store, it seemed like all the fun had been sucked out of the kids’ offerings. Why not bring the fun to wholesome by tapping into the fact that kids love to play with their food… voila.

    We arrived at Giddy’s snacktivity platform — interactive snacks that are dipped, peeled, spread or created. By offering up fun, interactive snacks made with real wholesome ingredients, we felt we could create a differentiated and compelling offering.

    Validating The Idea

    Our first big undertaking was to conduct some primary research to validate the market opportunity and to create a value proposition that would resonate with moms. We conducted an online survey with over 500 parents of elementary age kids along with a large number of focus groups.