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    by Jessica Stillman

    Crowdfunding: A Safe Space for Female Entrepreneurs

    A banker turned crowdfunding executive explains why new financing models are leveling the playing field for female-owned businesses.

    By Heather Schwarz-Lopes (Co-Founder & CEO, EarlyShares.com)

    The crowdfunding space is emerging as a progressive place for women entrepreneurs and business managers alike. Once the SEC finalizes its rules, equity crowdfunding — a subset of crowdfunding that aims to raise funds and invest in businesses through social networks — will allow more people to invest in projects important to them, leveling the fundraising playing field for currently underrepresented entrepreneurs.

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    by Angie Chang

    How to Raise Funds From Your Friends and Family

    Sqeeqee Founder Jenny Q. Ta (pictured) talks about fundraising from your loved ones and other survival tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

    By Insiyah Saeed (Founder, TheLipGloss)

    The worsening of the “Series A Crunch”, and the stresses involved in managing professional investors, has some entrepreneurs wishing for a more “friendly” source of funds.

    Sqeeqee founder Jenny Q. Ta has done just that for her seed round – she turned to friends and family and raised $2 million dollars – remarkable for a “friends and family” round. When done right, she says, the result can be a winning outcome. She urges new founders to tread with caution, however.