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  2. Alexa_von_Tobel_twittersmall
    by Angie Chang

    Women’s Startups Lack Access to Capital (Women Don’t Ask)

    By Jessica Naziri (Reporter, CNBC)

    When Alexa von Tobel found herself frustrated with the lack of personal finance resources and tools available to her, she took a leave of absence from Harvard Business School in 2008 to pursue her dream of creating a way for women to gain control of their finances.

  3. founderfriday_large
    by Angie Chang

    Founder Friday Mixer (November 4 in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Madrid and Barcelona)

    By Sepideh Nasiri (Corporate Sponsorships & Events Director, Women 2.0)

    Women 2.0 is hosting six global Founder Friday networking mixers for women entrepreneurs and their friends on Friday, November 4, 2011 in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Madrid and Barcelona. Thanks to our sponsors AOL, Ellas 2.0, Press Club and Pourtal for helping make this possible!

  4. women2_logo
    by Angie Chang

    Bing Boosts Women 2.0 PITCH Startup Competition 2012

    By Betsy Aoki (Senior Program/Product Manager, Bing)

    Bing is honored to sponsor the Women 2.0 PITCH competition and conference for female entrepreneurs as part of its Bing Booster program for startups this year. We have seen the shortage and lack of visibility for female startup entrepreneurs in the tech world and we’d like to give them a boost -– in this case, by sponsoring the first 100 applicants to the Women 2.0 PITCH Startup Competition!

    The Bing Booster for Startups program takes on three cities with strong or emerging startup ecosystems -– San Francisco, Boston, New York –- and makes resource

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    by Angie Chang

    Fostering More Female Tech Entrepreneurs

    By Ellen Lee (Contributing Writer, Intuit Blog)

    When it comes to women working in Silicon Valley technology businesses -— particularly women at the helm — the numbers remain painfully small.

    Less than 5 percent of tech startups are founded by female entrepreneurs, estimates Shaherose Charania, co-founder and CEO of Women 2.0, an organization that helps foster female tech entrepreneurs.

  6. Money
    by Angie Chang

    VC Funding: It’s Time to Invest in Female Entrepreneurs

    By Laura Vanderkam (Writer, 168 Hours)

    New York – It was a scene straight out of the 1990s: A web start-up, flush with nearly $1 million in new investor cash, threw a party at a downtown bar to toast that success. But here’s the 2011 twist to the story of DailyWorth, a daily e-mail newsletter of financial tips: the founder, Amanda Steinberg, isn’t a 24-year-old male Stanford dropout. She’s a thirtysomething mom of two who is determined to change the image of what a serious entrepreneur looks like.