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    by Jessica Stillman

    What I Learned Founding 8 (Yes, 8!) Companies With My Family

    What are the advantages and pitfalls of starting up with family members? A woman who started eight businesses with her son and ex-husband offers advice.

    By Judy Estrin (CEO, EvntLive, Inc.)

    Throughout my career I have loved building companies that leverage technology to solve problems in new ways, creating new markets or industries. In late 2011, after a several year break to write and promote a book on innovation, I jumped back into the startup world when my son David Carrico and his fellow co-founders of EvntLive welcomed me to the team first as investor and executive chair and now as CEO.

    by Managing Editor

    Work/Life Balance: Angela Benton Schedules For The Unexpected

    By Angela Benton (Founder & CEO, NewME Accelerator)

    It’s true that we really don’t see many women in tech, both as entrepreneurs and as executives. In fact, only a handful of top executives in tech are women and about 11% of tech founders are women. What is keeping women from starting businesses? There are several discussions about why women are shying away and how to get more of us into the field. Some point to mentorship, some point to STEM degrees, while others point to a variety of different solutions. The question I’ve heard lately from the women I know is telling, “When you decide to take a leap and be a founder, how do you find balance?”