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    by Angie Chang

    Is It Too Cold to "Lean In"? Women In STEM

    Etsy CTO Kellan Elliott-McCrea: “There’s a decent chance, based on their experience in industry, that your workplace is going to suck” for women, making it hard to recruit women and increase diversity.

    By Joan C. Williams (Author, The New Girls’ Network) & Katherine Ullman (Program Associate, Center for WorkLife Law)

    It’s been a rough couple of weeks for women in STEM.

    Most shockingly, Adria Richards, former developer evangelist at SendGrid, was fired after she publicly reported two men (one of whom was also fired) for making lewd jokes in earshot at a PyCon Conference. Richards has since received nasty messages for speaking out – including some that threatened her safety – in what is now referred to across the web as “Donglegate”

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    by Jessica Stillman

    Just Because It’s Women’s History Month Doesn’t Mean It’s a Good Month for Women

    March is the month we celebrate the enormous contributions of women throughout history, but this year it was also a month with more than its fair share of sexism in the news.

    By Jessica Stillman (Editor, Women 2.0)

    Women’s History Month commemorating our impressive contributions to history is winding to a close. Too bad the celebrations this March were marred by so much sexism – particularly in the world of tech.

    This month saw awesome celebrations around the world for International Women’s Day and special events to mark the 100th anniversary of suffragists’ march on Washington, all of which underlines how much has changed for the better. But sadly, here in the present, March has also given us plenty of reasons to remember that there’s still a lot of work left to get to full equality.

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    by Angie Chang

    The Changing Face of Startup Angel Investors

    While the issues facing female entrepreneurs are complex, a key obstacle lies in that the gatekeepers to capital are predominantly and were historically men.

    By Jane Wang (Software Engineer, Etsy)

    Funding is a tough nut to crack for many first-time entrepreneurs, and even a tougher nut for those from atypical backgrounds, such as minorities, women, LGBT members.

    In a restaurant in south Austin, a group of powerful women

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    by Managing Editor

    There’s No Ambition Gap: Truth About Women in Tech

    “Diversity isn’t defined as having more women, diversity is defined as having more voices at the table.”

    By Jazmin Hupp (Director of Marketing, Tekserve)

    Jessica Lawrence spoke about There’s No Ambition Gap: Truth About Women in Tech at SXSW Interactive today. The first question poised is why do we still need to have this “feminist” conversation when women are more than half of college graduates and so on. But when you look at tech conferences, company boards, and most of the c-suites, it’s obvious that our HR masquerade for diversity

  5. bet-on-yourself
    by Angie Chang

    Women: 5 Tips To Be A Standout

    Whether it be picking up new skills, throwing away your fear of the unknown, or just betting on the right person or plan, here are a few tips to get your started.

    By Jane Wang (Hacker, Etsy)

    We all know that women outperform men academically, but for whatever reasons our professional careers seem to be far less rewarding – both financially and personally.

    Well, work isn’t school, but it is the place where we spend the majority of our lives. So I ask what is that’s holding us women back

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    by Angie Chang

    5 Reasons Not To Apply To Hacker School

    Late applications to Hacker School are still open; you can apply here.

    By Lisa Neigut (Android Developer, Etsy)

    Jane Wang, a colleague of mine from Hacker School, wrote a compelling article about why you should consider going to Hacker School. If you’re considering Hacker School, and want to know more about why you should attend, I highly recommend her post.

    However, if you have already read her post, and still have not applied, I’m assuming there is a reason that Hacker School is not right for you.

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    by Angie Chang

    Hacker School Alum Answers 5 Questions About Applying

    Apply early and do your best on the application, but do not agonize over it. Also please don’t wait until the start of Hacker School to start building. Start now. If you want to go to Hacker School, just remember – keep building.

    By Jane Wang (Hacker, Etsy)

    I have received questions about Hacker School from the ladies at Women 2.0, members of NYTechWomen, and friends of friends through email introductions. I will do my best to address these below.

  8. LearningToCode
    by Angie Chang

    5 Reasons You Should Apply To Hacker School

    There’s a focus at Hacker School to ship. People will ask you about what you build every week. You get to ship and tell people about it.

    By Jane Wang (Hacker, Etsy)

    Women who are interested in programming and computer science should be encouraged to take the leap in the new year and apply to Hacker School now. The application is open until Tuesday, January 1 at 11:59pm EST.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should apply

  9. hacknjill
    by Angie Chang

    Makers, First And Foremost

    At Hack’n Jill, our hackathon attendees are concentrating on building amazing products and services.

    By Eugenia Koo (Co-Founder, Hack’n Jill)

    Recently Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave some serious kudos to software engineer Nora Mullaney on Quora for Mullaney’s response to the question, “What advice would seasoned women in tech give to younger girls deciding to make a tech career for themselves?”

    The total response thread is delightfully lengthy

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    by Angie Chang

    Supporting Women In Tech: This Is How You Do It.

    When you’re assessing a space (virtual or otherwise) that you’re interested in being part of, one of the things you look for is evidence of other women’s presence. That’s not the only thing you look for but it matters.

    By Lauren Bacon (Author, The Boss of You)

    I‘ve worked in tech for fifteen years. In those fifteen years, women have remained a small minority in the sector, particularly in technical jobs (read: programmers/engineers/developers). A lot of people I know have bemoaned the numbers, and discussed various ways we might address the gender imbalance, but I haven’t seen a lot of success stories (There are some – don’t get me wrong. Just not a ton.)

    A few weeks ago, though, something big and wonderful happened. And it is going to change the ratio.

    It happened, by the way, thanks to a bunch of smart

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    by Angie Chang

    Dear Marissa: Think Different. (Pink Is The New Purple)

    By narrowing its focus to women, Yahoo can beat the pants off its competitors.

    By Dave McClure (Founder & Partner, 500 Startups)

    I’d like to write a different open letter to Marissa Mayer that plays to both her strengths, as well as those of Yahoo. It’s a bit off the wall, but if you think it thru with me, I bet you’ll agree with the strategy.

    Yahoo has struggled for the last 6-7 years – with what it stands for, who’s running the show, how to keep its employees, how to compete with Google, and how to take advantage of its amazing assets in content, communications, and community around the world. The last really bold move Yahoo made was probably acquiring Flickr (aside from turning down the Microsoft acquisition

  12. circuit_pendant
    by Angie Chang

    Etsy Hacker School Scholarships Support Women In Technology

    Etsy wants to hire 20 women engineers, starts by providing scholarships to Hacker School for women.

    By Marc Hedlund (VP Engineering, Etsy)

    Today, in conjunction with Hacker School, Etsy is announcing a new scholarship and sponsorship program for women in technology: we’ll be hosting the summer 2012 session of Hacker School in the Etsy headquarters, and we’re providing ten Etsy Hacker Grants of $5,000 each — a total of $50,000 — to women who want to join but need financial support to do so.

    Our goal is to bring 20 women to New York to participate, and we hope this will be the first of many steps to encourage more women into engineering at Etsy and across the industry.

  13. vayable
    by Angie Chang

    5 Tools For Getting Started As A Micropreneur

    By Hadiyah Mujhid (Co-Founder, Black Founders)

    “A micropreneur is an entrepreneur willing to accept the risk of starting and managing the type of business that remains small, lets them do the kind of work they want to do, and offers them a balanced lifestyle.” – InvestorDictionary.com

    Or you could substitute this definition with a more urban definition like: A micropreneur is someone who has a “side hustle.”

    One of my favorite things about following the startup industry is discovering tools that can be used by

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    by Angie Chang

    On Building Measurable Design Into Your Startup (Lessons From Warm Gun, 500 Startups, Etsy, Instagram, Mint, The Designer Fund)

    By Tracy Osborn (Founder & Designer, WeddingLovely)

    Warm Gun, the design conference run by 500 Startups, was held last Friday in San Francisco. Dedicated to measurable design, Warm Gun advocates design that isn’t just pretty visuals. Instead, design should influence the user and convert visitors into loyal fans and paying customers.

    With over 20 speakers on two tracks, topics ranged from hiring designers, design tactics for your startup, measuring design using metrics, and the illusive unicorn — the multi-talented designer founder.