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    by Angie Chang

    Creating Over Consuming

    In the beginning, be it a line of code each morning, or a short blog post a week, start with the smallest step possible.

    By Michelle Sun (Software Engineer, Buffer)

    Recently, I have found myself scaling down consuming and scaling up on creating. The mobile era has brought to us unparamounted convenience in accessing information. We can read, share, and save content on the go, always connecting, self-documenting.

    Since moving to San Francisco, due to the costly iPhone plan, I switched to an Android phone and an AT&T phone plan, which consistently ran out of credit amongst other frustrations. It turns out to be a blessing in disguise; I have massively scaled down

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    by Angie Chang

    Mythbusters? Question Everything In Entrepreneurship

    By blindly following belief systems about entrepreneurship, I set myself up for failure. Here are three anecdotes to convince you to question “trendy” or “entrenched” viewpoints.

    By Shruti Challa (Founder, Pinchd)

    I like being controversial. There is a thrill about it. I didn’t used to be that way. I grew up in Kansas and in a traditionally successful Hindu family, so “questioning” wasn’t a staple component of my upbringing. When I finally came out to the Valley, the land of the freethinking, I thought my habit of conforming would disappear.