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    by Angie Chang

    Creating Over Consuming

    In the beginning, be it a line of code each morning, or a short blog post a week, start with the smallest step possible.

    By Michelle Sun (Software Engineer, Buffer)

    Recently, I have found myself scaling down consuming and scaling up on creating. The mobile era has brought to us unparamounted convenience in accessing information. We can read, share, and save content on the go, always connecting, self-documenting.

    Since moving to San Francisco, due to the costly iPhone plan, I switched to an Android phone and an AT&T phone plan, which consistently ran out of credit amongst other frustrations. It turns out to be a blessing in disguise; I have massively scaled down

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    by Angie Chang

    Mythbusters? Question Everything In Entrepreneurship

    By blindly following belief systems about entrepreneurship, I set myself up for failure. Here are three anecdotes to convince you to question “trendy” or “entrenched” viewpoints.

    By Shruti Challa (Founder, Pinchd)

    I like being controversial. There is a thrill about it. I didn’t used to be that way. I grew up in Kansas and in a traditionally successful Hindu family, so “questioning” wasn’t a staple component of my upbringing. When I finally came out to the Valley, the land of the freethinking, I thought my habit of conforming would disappear.

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    by Angie Chang

    (Infographic) Getting Over Fear

    One moment I’m devastated, another moment I’m ecstatic. But the whole time in the back of my mind there is that “What if I don’t?”

    By Anna Vital (Co-Founder, Vash; Founder, Funders & Founders)

    Every day for the last two weeks, I have woken up scared. I’m scared to go online, look at my Kickstarter campaign – and see that no one supported it over night.

    I am so scared to fail. It doesn’t help

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    by Angie Chang

    Investors Are The Nucleus Of Entrepreneurship – Meet Dozens Of Them At The Women 2.0 Conference

    Women 2.0 encourages me to build a healthy nucleus for a cell that aspires to thrive.

    By Katrina Salas-Padilla (Contributing Writer, Women 2.0)

    To a budding entrepreneur what could be sexier than intimate contact with the coveted almighty power of a willing investor? One might argue that a computer engineer and UX designer duo might give networking with an angel investor a run for its money on the ‘sexy’ meter.

    However, it would only be a matter of time

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    by Angie Chang

    Are Entrepreneurs Made Or Born? A Female Founder Weighs In

    Being an entrepreneur is a trial by fire and having the right environment is critical.

    By Caitlin MacGregor (Co-Founder, Cream.hr)

    There’s a lot more involved in becoming an entrepreneur than simply waking up one morning and saying “I want to work for myself.” Sure, anyone can say they would prefer to work in their own company, rather than punch the clock for someone else, but saying it and being able to do it are very different.

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    by Angie Chang

    Life’s Biggest Challenges Are Your Best Business School

    EatDrinkJobs is one of the 10 startups pitching onstage at PITCH NYC Conference & Competitionget your $300 conference pass to join Women 2.0 on November 14.

    By Julie Lerner (Founder, EatDrinkJobs)

    Everything I learned about entrepreneurship started with three words… “you have cancer.”

    My sudden diagnosis turned each day into a gift and at a very young age, this harrowing journey taught me more than I ever expected to learn about life, true grit, and making things happen.

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    by Angie Chang

    Setting Sail Without A Map

    You have your gut. There is no map.

    By Nayia Moysidis (Founder, Writer’s Bloq)

    One of the most daunting things about being a CEO of a startup is that no one else has done it before you. Sure, people have been CEO, but no one has been the CEO of this startup. This puts you in the position of navigating a directionless ship.

    Think: Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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    by Angie Chang

    Entrepreneurship: Simple Ideas And Opportunity Management

    Founder Friday Madrid will be co-hosted by investor Paloma Cabello on June 1 – FREE RSVP here.

    By Paloma Cabello (Co-Founder & Trustee, MIT Enterprise Forum Spain)

    “Entrepreneurship is to manage starting from an opportunity,” said Howard H. Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School.

    I listened to the first sentence some years ago. It was a simple idea. I remember thinking that those who heard it would gain a great understanding of entrepreneurship as to navigate under uncertainty. Being an entrepreneur myself, I kept it as a matter of pure necessity. The phrase left me in love with the simple ideas – and I have been a collector of those ever since.

  9. scamp2012
    by Angie Chang

    Want To See Ideas Before They Become Big? Come To SCAMP

    SCAMP is specially curated for people who are looking for inspiration outside their bubble.

    By Alessandra Lariu (Co-Founder, SheSays)

    Isn’t it great to witness germs of ideas before they become big? To see the next iPad, the next Pinterest, the next Google venture?

    SCAMP 2012 is a conference about ideas still in progress, prototypes, experiments and innovation. Curated by SheSays, this half-day event will enlighten you with a bunch of themes and products that will be famous one day. From edible cups to smart hacking you’ll see it at SCAMP first.

    The event will happen in New York in June 15 at the Art Director’s Club. The format has each hour is dedicated to an innovation category: entrepreneurship, product, community and creative.

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    by Angie Chang

    Developers: Why Risk Your Career At An Early-Stage Startup?

    Michael Jackson’s lyrics decoded to the tune of entrepreneurship.

    By Heather McGough (Founder, Urbanity Events)

    I’ve recently interviewed developers from all over the Bay Area to ask them why they chose to take the leap and join risky, early-stage startup companies.

    While each person had his/her own story to share, I heard common themes clear as melodies. Since many of us tend to have Michael Jackson in constant rotation, I decided to share what I’ve learned via the lyrics of the Moonwalk-ing King of Pop, and describe the virtues of choosing this Thriller-packed road of entrepreneurship.

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    by Angie Chang

    How To Get Hired Doing What You Actually Love

    Sharing brilliance to be better young entrepreneurs.

    By Kelly Azevedo (Contributing Blogger, Young Entrepreneurs Council)

    A recent Pew study reveals what many of us have already observed: re-employed workers — those who lose their jobs and are then hired elsewhere — are more likely to consider themselves overqualified for what becomes their current position and are less likely to get a sense of identify from their work. In other words, they end up at jobs they don’t really want.

    Whether you’ve lost your job and are looking to be the exception to this rule, or you’d like to trade your current position for one that better matches your qualifications, here are three strategies to help you receive an offer for the job that you actually want:

  12. Candle1
    by Managing Editor

    Prosperity Candle Holiday Gifts That Give Back (Made By Women For Women)

    Siiri Morley (Founding Partner, Prosperity Candle)


    For many of us, the holidays begin to feel devoid of meaning and more like an endless to do list. Are the holidays really about finding the best deal or buying unwanted gifts that don’t inspire? The holiday season, at its best, should be about sharing, giving back and creating a deeper connection with loved ones. And for women like the ones reading this blog, it would be ideal to also be able to support and promote women as business leaders and change-makers.

    With the new gift collection from Prosperity Candle, you can avoid the typical frenzy of holiday gift shopping and find