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    by Angie Chang

    Learning How To Cry, To Be A Girl – And To Be A CEO

    The great thing about being the CEO of my company is that I can define the CEO role any way I want.

    By Miki Johnson (Co-Founder, Dovetail)

    I fell off my bike last week. Or rather, I fell on my bike, since I was still very much attached to it when I locked up my brakes and laid it down. As the waves of pain and embarrassment washed over me and I shook off a nice pedestrian’s concern, an odd thought popped into my head: “I hate always being the girl.”

    “Where did that come from?” I wondered. I’ve been riding my bike in San Francisco for several years and used to commute down Market at rush hour. I’m confident about my city riding and certainly don’t think women are less proficient bikers. I do, however, ride