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    by Angie Chang

    On Startup Boards, Laziness And Bias Trounces Gender Diversity

    Brad Feld and I are writing a book, Startup Boards, where we raise the fundamental question – can you proactively build an all-star, high-performing board?

    By Mahendra Ramsinghani (Contributor, Forbes)

    Today, no woman is giving a spirited “I have a dream…” speech to founders and entrepreneurs, seeking a balanced startup board. Such issues are best left for public company boards, non-profits or the likes of girl-scout cookie boards.

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    by Angie Chang

    New Year’s Resolution: Speak At A Tech Conference In 2013

    Conference diversity is a window into the tech community’s diversity and is a ratio we can all help to change.

    By Suzanne Axtell (Technology Evangelist, O’Reilly)

    We collectively bemoan the fact that there aren’t enough women in the technical community. But in order to raise the visibility of women in the industry – as well as encourage girls and young women to join the industry in the first place – we all have to make like Sheryl Sandberg says and take a seat at the table. Or, as the case

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    by Angie Chang

    Solving Signal:Noise Through Adversity And Diversity

    There’s a persistent signal:noise problem across the Web and women can do a lot to help solve this issue. We can do it because we’re great at contextualizing info and evaluating it in a way that’s different from what currently exists.

    By Twain Liu (Founder, Senseus)

    They say entrepreneurs are irrational optimists so I must be one. Who else but an irrational optimist is developing technology that might enable them to discern why consumers are buying their products and not just an app that teaches us how to apply lipstick