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  1. Hackbright
    by Angie Chang

    Two Student Programmers Build Their First Webapp, Winning Second Place At DevelopHer Hackathon

    “Let’s just make something we can deploy.” This was our goal going into DevelopHer, our first hackathon.

    By Laura Kelly & Andrée Brazeau (Students, Hackstar Academy)

    We’re new to programming – we’re both currently students at Hackbright Academy, a 10-week full-time, intensive web development program for women. We heard about DevelopHer through our instructor, so when Andree came up with the idea to build MuniMobile, an application that would send you scheduled, real-time notifications when a bus is approaching your stop, we hesitantly decided to go for it.

    Despite being beginners and completely new to hackathons, we ended up winning 2nd place at DevelopHer hackathon.

    1. We picked a reachable goal for our skillsets
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    by Angie Chang

    4 Hacks To Learning To Be A Hacker, "A Python Ate Me!" & More

    Programming is by no means an individual pilgrimage; seeing what others are working on and helping/getting help from others can make learning much more fun and rewarding.

    By Michelle Sun (Student, Hackbright Academy)

    It’s the beginning of Hackbright Academy, working on Python.

    There has been ups and downs, some days (and nights) of pure nightmares, literally (quoting one of my classmates, “I dreamed that a python ate me last night”!), and some days of awesome state of “flow”, when hours seem to fly by and lots get done.

    I begin to realize I am approaching this 10-week course less as a syntax crash course, more of a training of the mind. Many hackers eventually build in other languages, but mastering

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    by Angie Chang

    A Beginner’s Survival Guide For Your First Hackathon

    Done is better than perfect. No matter for learning or winning, aim to finish.

    By Michelle Sun (Student, Hackbright Academy)

    Last weekend, I attended my first ever hackathon and with minimal expectation, had a blast out of it and learned loads. My team did not win, nor did most of us slept at the event, but we got a lot out of it.

    The hackathon, DevelopHer, was organized by LinkedIn, claimed to be the first women-only hackathon. The schedule was well thought out with a few sessions that made the hackathon really fun.

    Aside from yoga and cupcakes, I believe there were a few things I am glad to have (or would have) done that made my experience worthwhile: