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    by Angie Chang

    Entrepreneur Ping Fu’s Biography: "Bend, Not Break"

    The quality I found of her that is really empowering is resilience.

    By Jenny Chan (Founder, Speed Daytwah)

    I was driving while Ping Fu came on NPR. My passengers, which happened to be two white males, were busy making fun of the name “Ping Fu”; I shushed them and turned the volume up. She was on the radio talking about NCSA and her company Geomagic. I got home and immediately googled “Ping Fu” and her

  2. techtown
    by Angie Chang

    Support For Detroit Entrepreneurs: TechTown

    We are a diverse community of entrepreneurs, launching a portfolio of startups to fill the economic gaps within our city.

    By Leslie Smith (President & CEO, TechTown)

    We are TechTown, one of the oldest and most established entrepreneurial support organizations in Detroit.

    It all started in 1999, when Wayne State University President Irvin Reid decided the city needed an incubator that could help stimulate the local economy but also further the region’s economic diversification