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    by Angie Chang

    From Conception To Launch – Whoa, What A Journey!

    Early-stage startup founder shares learnings as she reflects on what it took to finally ship it out.

    By Chitra Rakesh (Founder, Chitsie)

    It took me over a year, some patience and a lot of conviction to bring my website, Chitsie, to life. Yes, you may consider that insane in a land where startups are churned out over weekends. I do agree that is “forever time” in startup dictionary.

    But if you’re looking to go live with clients and advisors; if you’re not an ex-Google employee or through an incubator program; if you’re not from Stanford; and if you haven’t even attended school in this part of the world – it is freaking hard. It was, for me!

    And if I could do it, so can you.