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    by Angie Chang

    Early-Stage Chilean Travel Startup Lands In San Francisco

    Women entrepreneurs from Chile visit San Francisco thru August 3, 2012 – travel or hospitality industry people are welcome to contact [email protected] to meet for coffee while her team is in town.

    By Catalina Huidobro (Co-Founder & CEO, Sustainable Tripper)

    There are several traditional ways to travel, but a new trend of tourism is emerging. A new breed of globetrotters are travelers who want to not only discover a destination, they want to experience it like the locals, getting to know the culture, traditions and its people.

    After several years working for the tourism industry, I noticed that this type of tourism lacks international promotion. While there are companies that offer eco-conscious travelers the opportunity to enjoy an intimate local experience, cultural and technological barriers stand in the way of global dissemination of this service.