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  1. BoulderTechStars
    by Betsy Mikel

    TechStars + R/GA Accelerator Welcomes Women 2.0 Advisor Jenny Fielding as Managing Director

    The hardware / connected devices accelerator hopes to bring on more diverse founders in its next batch — which is now open for applications.

  2. 4504828599_df36ae3c8f_z
    by Angie Chang

    The Arriving Storm For Devices

    “Smart” products, or things connected to the Internet, are ushering in an amazing era of innovation that’ll change the world in many ways – not just be small devices or objects, but things of all sizes and shapes, fixed (meaning not movable) and mobile (but not cellular platform).

    By Patricia Handschiegel (Founder & CEO, 9)

    There was an article in the Wall Street Journal this past week about entrepreneurship increasing around consumer electronics, or devices/hardware.

    Some are connected to the Internet, some are not. All are in part possible because the Internet is here, even if they’re connected to the platform or not.

    In the coming year, there’ll likely be much, much more. Most of it will be “smart” products, or things connected to