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  1. Jennifer_Pahlka_-_Code_for_America
    by Angie Chang

    Inspired by Code.org Video, Gov Girl Goes Geek

    Between my current full-time government position, volunteer work, and trying to live life, I decided to learn how to code.

    By Nabihah Azim (Intake Specialist, City of Oakland Department of Housing and Community Development)

    Government girl goes geek.. well kind of. But that’s the name of my new blog. This is the beginning of my 30 (or more) day challenge, where I take my previous code knowledge, which is basically nothing, and learn a whole new skill. This is where I’ll chronicle my ups, downs, frustrations, and wins as I embark on this new hobby.

  2. martha_kelly1-233x300
    by Angie Chang

    Software Engineering: Another Form Of Self Expression

    The barrier to learning how to program has been reduced to a computer and an Internet connection.

    By Martha Kelly Girdler (Software Engineer, Etsy)

    Initially, I didn’t think of programming as a way of expressing myself. The best analogy I can think of is learning to program is similar to learning how to write. In the beginning, you learn the letters, then the words, then after reading and studying others’ work, you begin to write on your own.

  3. by Angie Chang

    With Programs Like Codecademy, Women Are No Longer Accidentally Excluded From Learning Technology

    “We’re hoping to make everyone literate about the basics of programming while creating a generation of new and talented programmers” Zach Sims, co-Founder of Codecademy told me in an email.