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    by Angie Chang

    Starting Up in Chile and San Francisco, and Back Again

    For me, the best place to live out my dream of developing new technologies for the world is, without a doubt, San Francisco.

    By Cecilia Carolina Calderon (Founder, DentiDesk)

    After the mega-quake of February 27, 2010, with its epicenter in the city of Talcahuano in the south of Chile, where thousands of Chileans perished beneath water and ruins, I feared I would never see my family again, and made the decision to return to my country.

    After 10 years of hard work in the Bay Area, it was not an easy decision to leave San Francisco, my career developing products for Logitech, and the Silicon Valley, where I discovered my dream of developing new technologies for the world.

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    by Angie Chang

    Chilean Travel Startup Destinalo Launches Online

    Women entrepreneurs from Chile launch travel booking site focused on offering sustainable tourism destinations.

    By Catalina Huidobro (Co-Founder & CEO, Destinalo)

    Back in August last year, along with my two partners, Cristina Huidobro and Fran Severino, we came from Chile to Silicon Valley in San Francisco to present and validate our project, at that time known as Sustainable Tripper. After hard work and lots of learning, we went home with a much clearer idea

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    by Angie Chang

    To Start Up Or To SU-Up?

    Our upcoming Kickstarter campaign will provide us with the promotional push and funding needed to take our social enterprise to the next level.

    By Melissa McCoy (Partner & Vice President of Engineering, TOHL)

    After graduating in May, I had two choices: I could head down to Chile and join my three partners in developing TOHL, our water social enterprise, or I could travel to Silicon Valley to participate in Singularity University’s 10-week Graduate Studies summer program.

    Both were attractive choices, but choosing either could mean giving up the opportunity of a lifetime.

    My TOHL partners, Ben Cohen, Travis Horsley, and Apoorv Sinha, and I had been working for over a year on developing TOHL’s technology: a low-cost water pipeline installation method that has the potential to connect the nearly 1 billion people without clean water

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    by Angie Chang

    Early-Stage Chilean Travel Startup Lands In San Francisco

    Women entrepreneurs from Chile visit San Francisco thru August 3, 2012 – travel or hospitality industry people are welcome to contact [email protected] to meet for coffee while her team is in town.

    By Catalina Huidobro (Co-Founder & CEO, Sustainable Tripper)

    There are several traditional ways to travel, but a new trend of tourism is emerging. A new breed of globetrotters are travelers who want to not only discover a destination, they want to experience it like the locals, getting to know the culture, traditions and its people.

    After several years working for the tourism industry, I noticed that this type of tourism lacks international promotion. While there are companies that offer eco-conscious travelers the opportunity to enjoy an intimate local experience, cultural and technological barriers stand in the way of global dissemination of this service.

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    by Angie Chang

    Founder Friday Santiago De Chile: Focus, Consistency, Passion

    “I am a digital fan, but I’m more a fan of my family,” said Marta Cruz, Friday Founder Santiago de Chile.

    By Marta Cruz (Co-Founder, Nextperience & NXTP Labs)

    Focus, consistency and passion are the three main ingredients to make a dream come true, and if we add imagination, courage and commitment, we will be able to grow and develop both at personal and professional level.

    Considering that “an entrepreneur is someone who goes through life and suddenly detects a situation that he does not like or an unsolved problem and develops an idea to solve it”, we may say that it all starts with a great deal of imagination that leads to what we call “idea” – an idea which you are passionate for and obsessed with

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    by Angie Chang

    Meet The Women Founders Of Start-Up Chile

    By Tara Roberts (Co-Founder, girltank & Contributor, The Next Web)

    Picture a group of female lone rangers, each silhouetted against the setting sun with broad-rimmed hats tilted sideways to shadow their faces and holsters slung low around curvy waists. Then listen for that sound – you know it – the high-note whistle in American westerns that signals you’re watching a badass and something dangerous is about to happen.

    This rather stereotypical representation of a rebel… is not such a terrible way to characterize the empowered and stalwart women founders in Start-Up Chile.

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    by Managing Editor

    A Chilean Startup Founder Takes On Penelope Trunk

    By Michelle Veronese (Co-Founder, Novelo)


    In her latest guest post for TechCrunch, Penelope Trunk, the co-founder of Brazen Careerist, argues that there are so few women in tech because women are inherently interested in raising a family, particularly those in their 30’s.

    Unfortunately, Trunk’s article fully misses the heart of the problem facing women in technology today, and she is instead causing more harm and division than any good.

    It is correct to say that women