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    by Angie Chang

    Mobile World Congress Is Missing A Great Business Opportunity – Women

    Approximately 1.2 billion underserved women are a great opportunity for the mobile industry to distinguish itself.

    By Carol Realini (Author, BANKRUPT: Why Banking is Broken. How it can be Transformed.)

    When you look at the sea of people at Mobile World Congress – it is mostly men with a few scattered women in the crowd. So it is not surprising that this male dominated industry is missing out on a massive marketing opportunity – women.

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    by Angie Chang

    11 Female Founders To Watch Running Successful Mobile Companies

    From IPOs to acquisitions, these women entrepreneurs launched and grew successful mobile startups.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    A few women pointed out that the upcoming MobileBeat 2012 conference has practically no women on the speaking page. Well, we think there are plenty of successful women running mobile startups.

    Here are successful women entrepreneurs in the mobile space who have celebrated exits, managed major product launches and can speak to any number of mobile topics, from developing mobile apps to mobile advertising.

    Smart mobile industry insights can be gleaned from the female founders of mobile companies below:

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    by Angie Chang

    Why Banking Is Broken – And How It Can Be Transformed

    Pictured: The most powerful women in banking.

    By Carol Realini (Author, BANKRUPT: Why Banking is Broken. How it can be Transformed.)

    The book “BANKRUPT – Why Banking is Broken. How it can be Transformed” was a decade in the making. It started when I was traveling in Africa in 2002. I was taking a long needed break from being a technology entrepreneur and was supporting a non-profit working in central Africa.

    It was my first time visiting a place where the infrastructure was severely lacking; transportation, roads, electricity, water, and health care – nothing worked. Yet even in 2002, many people had cell phones.

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    by Angie Chang

    Serial Entrepreneur Shares 10 Tips for Raising Venture Capital

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Founders and CEOs of early-stage startups are frequently faced with the daunting task of raising venture capital for their companies. Many face that challenge ill-equipped, just as serial entrepreneur Carol Realini had in 1997 when she co-founded her first company.

    Since then, Carol has successfully raised over 175 million in financing for her companies.

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    by Angie Chang

    Parent Entrepreneurs Strike Work Life Balance: Advice From Jennifer Toney and Carol Realini

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Women 2.0)

    This week, Pemo Theodore interviewed Jennifer Toney, co-founder and CEO of WeMakeItSafer. When asked about being a “mompreneur”, “balancing it all” and gender bias, Jennifer said:

    “There tends to be a fear that moms aren’t going to have the same amount of time as a single person, or someone without children, to spend on their startups. And to that, I would say everybody has something else that they’re working on. By definition, if you are a successful entrepreneur, you are most likely an overachiever and so whether you are a marathon runner or a sailor, or you’re sitting on boards of other startups, or you’re trying to work on a charity and solve world hunger — you’re doing something else anyway. And so for a mom, your something else happens to be your children.”

    When Jennifer had kids, it wasn’t the business, technology and entrepreneurship that took a sideline. Jennifer stopped gymming and running triathalons instead. She admits her schedule “changes but it doesn’t mean you have less time to work on your business.”

    She notes that the people who question work/life balance are oftentimes people without kids