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    by Angie Chang

    "THE ANGEL 100" – New York’s Top Early-Stage Investors

    “If you can’t hustle your way to meet one of these people, you probably don’t deserve their money.”

    By Alyson Shontell (Editor, Business Insider)

    If you’re new to the New York startup scene, who are the best early-stage investors to pitch? There are a lot of people and early-stage firms who can cut your startup’s first checks.

    In recent years, seed funding has become more formalized. Many of the folks on this list aren’t “angels” in the classic sense of the word — i.e.individuals who became rich and now spray money around. This list includes early-stage VCs and other professional investors who make seed investments.

    We should also note that we purposely did not

  3. sheryl_sandberg
    by Angie Chang

    Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg: Achieving Work-Family Balance

    By Kamelia Angelova (Contributor, Business Insider)

    The norm among professionals has been that if you are doing well at work, you have no personal life.

    But Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has found a simple rule that allows her to have a flourishing career and a happy family life. She and her husband (David Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey) have split their responsibilities at the home equally and have prioritized both of their careers, not just hers.

    Watch the exclusive clip below where Sandberg talks

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    by Angie Chang

    5 Ways to Get More Women in Venture Capital

    By Deborah A. Farrington (Founder & General Partner, StarVest Partners)

    The 2011 Forbes Midas List ranked the top 100 venture capitalists based on M&A and IPO exits. As one of the two women included on this year’s list, it was disappointing to see that only two had made the cut. This begs the question: Why so few women on the list, and why so few women in venture capital in general?

    Why is it important for more women to enter venture capital?

    The career possibilities are terrific and I believe that more women in venture capital will contribute to growing better, stronger, more sustainable companies.