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    by Angie Chang

    Top 5 Reasons Why Boston Is The Perfect Place To Start A Startup

    Don’t let anybody tell you that San Francisco and New York City are the only places you can start a business.

    By Shereen Shermak (Co-Founder, BuySide FX)

    In real estate, they say the most important things are location, location, and location. Location matters with startups, too.

    Here are 5 good reasons to start your business in Boston, written by a non-native Bostonian serial entrepreneur and investor.

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    by Angie Chang

    TechStars: Movin’ On Up!

    The last three months has condensed a very sharp learning curve into an incredibly short amount of time.

    By Paige Brown (Co-Founder & CEO, Dashbell)

    Where do I even begin? The last three months has been the most challenging, rewarding and of my life. It’s been almost four years since I decided to step off the ledge of entrepreneurship and I most certainly have not looked back since. One thing I love about startups is the constant challenge, the severe learning curve and the need to continue to push oneself further.

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    by Angie Chang

    Aquto Founder And CEO Susie Kim Riley Raises $8 Million Series A

    Boston-based serial entrepreneur Susie Kim Riley raises Series A for her mobile startup Aquto to disrupt how we look at mobile data plans.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Susie Kim Riley is a serial entrepreneur. After rising in engineering ranks at companies, she founded and led technology development at Camiant as CTO, pioneering a new market for policy control and successfully deploying product with 45 carriers worldwide. Camiant was acquired by Tekelec for $130 million in April 2010.

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    by Angie Chang

    Entrepreneurs, Stop Sweeping It Under The Rug!

    As a startup CEO, I am constantly juggling more than I can possible keep in the air.

    By Paige Brown (Co-Founder & CEO, BookingMarkets)

    It hass been a wild and crazy ride so far at TechStars Boston – the learning curve is moving faster than I ever imagined. They keep us extremely busy with mentor meetings, workshops and sessions. We at BookingMarkets are pivoting, improving our existing business model and are on the track to something really amazing.

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    by Angie Chang

    Partner Events: NFC Tapped Hackathons (New York, San Francisco And Boston)

    Connect with some of the most influential people in mobile and NFC at one of the upcoming TAPPED NFC Hackathons:

    Near Field Communications (NFC) is a technology that lets devices and things talk to each other. All you need to do to make something happen is to have two NFC devices touch, or tap. NFC is

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    by Angie Chang

    Finding The Right Accelerator Program For Women Entrepreneurs

    Learnings from the “Exploring the Top Startup Accelerator Programs” panel at SXSW.

    By Dana Rosenberg (Startup Enthusiast, Self)

    It’s no secret that technology startups is a male-dominated field. As a woman in tech, and with the recent rise of accelerator programs, I wanted to hear about startup accelerators that have proven benefits to female entrepreneurs.

    At a panel at SXSW on finding the right accelerator program for you, I took advantage of the opportunity to ask the panelists about their approach to female founders. I wanted to know what percent of their companies are female founded, whether they take gender into account when selecting their classes and whether

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    by Angie Chang

    The Power Of Cooperative Outreach (Diversifying PyCon)

    By Jessica McKellar (Software Engineer, Ksplice, Oracle)


    I want to share an email I received recently from a woman named Pam. It is a response to an email I sent to the DevChix mailing list, calling on DevChixen to attend PyCon, the largest annual Python conference, and submit posters for the PyCon poster session:

    “Holy wow. I’ve had your email starred since you sent it, and only just now realized that you’re the Jess who was at PyStar Philly. Because of this email:

    • I decided to try to go to PyCon
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    by Angie Chang

    Startups Pass On Silicon Valley To Find Their Fortunes In New York

    By Ryan Kim (Writer, GigaOm)

    Though Silicon Valley has lured away plenty of startups, (cough: Facebook), New York is becoming a magnet of its own, attracting companies that want to build their businesses amid the bright lights of the big city. In the last couple months, New York has drawn former San Francisco startup Qwiki, PlaceIQ from Colorado and recent 500 Startups graduate Snapette, which started in Boston before spending the last half year in Silicon Valley.

    These are just a few recent transplants but they show how New York increasingly makes sense

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    by Angie Chang

    The Best $750 I Ever Spent Bootstrapping My Startup: One Plane Ticket West

    By Leah Busque (Founder, TaskRabbit)

    Editor’s note: Vote Leah Busque for TechCrunch’s Founder of the Year!

    It was Friday and it had been a long week. I was back in Boston after spending the last two weeks in Palo Alto, participating in the Facebook Fund program (fbFund).

    Over the past 12 weeks, in fact, I was flying back and forth between Boston and San Francisco, alternating weeks on each coast. My company TaskRabbit (RunMyErrand.com at the time) was up and running in Boston, and I was splitting my time between the two cities in order to get the most out of the fbFund incubator program while continuing to grow my business in Boston.

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    by Angie Chang

    The Giving Season: Stories Of Leadership, Mentorship (Videos)

    By Dara Olmsted (Grant Writer & Ethnographer, Iridescent)

    Did you miss the Technovation Challenge’s Women in Leadership panel at Andreessen Horowitz last month?

    The science education non-profit that runs the Technovation Challenge, Iridescent, teaches high school girls how to design a mobile phone app prototype, write a business plan, and pitch their plan to a panel of venture capitalists.

    The Iridescent website has posted short videos from the panel and backstage interviews that are packed full

  11. PipelineF
    by Angie Chang

    Boston Angel Investing Training Launches 10 Pipeline Fellows, Provides Discount To Conference For Angel Investors

    By A. Lauren Abele (COO, Pipeline Fellowship)

    Editor’s note: The Pipeline Fellowship hosts a 2011 Boston Pipeline Fellowship Conference on angel investing in Boston on Friday, December 2, 2011. Women 2.0 members receive 50% off tickets with discount code “women2″. For more info and to register, click here.

    The Pipeline Fellowship, which trains women philanthropists to become angel investors, has announced its inaugural Boston class.

    The 2011 Boston Pipeline Fellowship Conference features a series of educational presentations and engaging panel discussions on the angel investing process.

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    by Managing Editor

    BostInnovation: Figure Out Who You Are, Ignore All The Rest

    By Melissa Ablett (Marketing & Events Coordinator, BostInnovation)


    Today at Microsoft’s second annual Women’s Leadership Forum there was no cheer-leading about “girl power,” rather just powerful women who are making a difference.

    Organized by Microsoft, MITX, the Commonwealth Corporation, and others, the NERD Center was filled with women (and a few very lucky, seemingly lost men) eager to attend the long line-up of speakers, panels, one-on-ones, and networking.

    Sara Spalding, Microsoft’s Cambridge Site