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  1. mothership
    by Angie Chang

    MotherShip HackerMoms: The First Women’s Hackerspace!

    There’s a little more than a week to contribute to MotherShip HackerMom’s Kickstarter page!

    By Shannon Nicholls (Fundraising Director, MotherShip HackerMoms)

    We are a new kind of playground and workspace for creative mothers. Fun to us is not mani-pedis, but making, breaking, learning and hacking our bright ideas. HackerMoms model active creative lives for our kids who learn, explore and create as mini-makers alongside us. We offer members daily childcare. We also welcome dads.

  2. 451418204
    by Angie Chang

    Accelerating The Growth Of Women-Owned Businesses Like Revolution Foods With Inner City Advisors

    Revolution Foods joined the ICA Portfolio in 2005 with six employees operating out of a 1,000 square foot facility.

    By Abby Bobé (Dual MBA & CS Candidate, Mills College)

    With a track record of scaling businesses like Revolution Foods, Blue Bottle Company and Back to the Roots to well-known national organizations, Inner City Advisors is going “All Out” to convene 1000 of the Bay Area’s brightest entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and community-driven minds to solve the challenges that help Bay Area businesses scale up.

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    by Angie Chang

    How Startups Really Survive (The Short And Long Of It)

    Weathering long-distance moves, moving in with parents, long commutes, tight budgets, pregnancy…

    By Elizabeth Yin (Co-Founder, LaunchBit)

    Last night, I was at Google on a panel talking about women in entrepreneurship. Afterwards, I chatted with an attendee about the very early days of LaunchBit.

    I mentioned that one point, I’d lived at my parents’ house to save money. This shocked her and she replied, “Oh…I could never do that.” And that was just the beginning of all the sacrifices that many people have made in order for LaunchBit to work.

    There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a startup – beyond actually running the core business.

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    by Angie Chang

    Berkeley Pitch Mixer: Another Step Forward

    Efforts to close the divide: Pitch Mixer, Black Founders, Latino Startups NewMe Accelerator…

    By Esther C. Moore (Co-Founder & CEO, HustleAndCode)

    You need only put your ear to the ground these days to catch conversation about Silicon Valley’s diversity challenge as it relates to women, blacks, latinos and other underrepresented groups knocking at the door of what many consider “the land of milk and honey.”

    Although I was born in the Bay Area, I grew up in the rural town of Bakersfield, California. I would say that an entrepreneurial spirit has always run throughout my family – which is probably why I find myself in the role of Co-Founder and CEO of HustleAndCode.

    Several years ago, I teamed up with my son

  5. 15016716_d764874ea0_z
    by Angie Chang

    Berkeley Pitch Mixer Makes Networking With Entrepreneurs Fun

    Celebrating women’s history month with a women’s entrepreneur forum.

    By Ayori Z. Selassie (Co-Founder & Director, Pitch Mixer)

    How many times have you attended an entrepreneur focused event and felt drained afterwards? If you live in the East Bay you’re even more used to feeling drained, not only for the effort required to impress and introduce yourself to so many strangers, but afterward you probably had to drive across the Bay just to get back home before you had to get back to work in the morning! Doesn’t that sound exhausting? It is!

    The great news is Pitch Mixer is not like that! Last night we raised the roof for Women’s History Month with an Entrepreneur Forum featuring all women tech entrepreneur pitches, an all-women

  6. technovation-challenge-google
    by Angie Chang

    The Giving Season: Stories Of Leadership, Mentorship (Videos)

    By Dara Olmsted (Grant Writer & Ethnographer, Iridescent)

    Did you miss the Technovation Challenge’s Women in Leadership panel at Andreessen Horowitz last month?

    The science education non-profit that runs the Technovation Challenge, Iridescent, teaches high school girls how to design a mobile phone app prototype, write a business plan, and pitch their plan to a panel of venture capitalists.

    The Iridescent website has posted short videos from the panel and backstage interviews that are packed full