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    by Angie Chang

    Maykah Builds Toys To Inspire The Next Generation Of Female Technology Innovators

    “For all three of us, our favorite childhood toys developed the kind of the thinking that we ultimately used in STEM subjects later on.”

    By Alice Brooks, Bettina Chen & Jennifer Kessler (Founders, Maykah)

    We all had favorite toys growing up. But did you ever think about how those toys influenced who you are today?

    We are Alice, Bettina, and Jennifer. Between the three of us, we studied Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Math, and Cognitive Neuroscience at MIT, Caltech, University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford.

    Across all of these STEM subjects at each of our institutions, there was a striking similarity: We were each one of only a handful of girls in our classes. And, as the years progressed