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    by Managing Editor

    Know Your Users: Beautiful Art Needs Beautiful Apps

    By Sian Morson (Founder & CEO, Kollective Mobile)


    I have always been in love with technology and I have always been independent. Together, those two things have brought me to where I am today –- CEO and Founder of Kollective Mobile, a mobile development agency. When I look back, every job I’ve had has prepared me for my role as a founder. It was a long road, but I’m convinced that every failure, success, irritating client and difficult project now provide me a much-needed reference when issues arise while I run my company.

    I studied Film at NYU. For a few months after graduation

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    by Managing Editor

    How Steve Jobs Inspired Me (Permission to Dream)

    By Elizabeth Boylan (Art Director, VectorBloom Technologies)

    Apple was founded 35 years ago, the same month I was born. I went a round-about route from studying chemistry, business and then fine art, to happening upon Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech when I was a new mother 3 years ago. I watched it on my MacBook Pro.

    The lessons Steve presented about connecting the dots and following your dreams came as a relief as I wasn’t sure if I had wasted time chasing after passing interests in my twenties. I was at home with a very young daughter and no definite way to provide for myself financially in a career I loved.