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    by Angie Chang

    UX Design Can’t Be An Afterthought

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    By Christina Wodtke (Product Designer, Wodtke Consulting)

    Historically, designers in technology companies often feel like the only girl in the room. They were brought in late, more often than not and shown a ugly product and were asked to “make it pretty.” This sounded mighty familiar to some, who also heard in their personal life to “just sit there and look pretty.”

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    by Angie Chang

    11 Female Founders To Watch Running Successful Mobile Companies

    From IPOs to acquisitions, these women entrepreneurs launched and grew successful mobile startups.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    A few women pointed out that the upcoming MobileBeat 2012 conference has practically no women on the speaking page. Well, we think there are plenty of successful women running mobile startups.

    Here are successful women entrepreneurs in the mobile space who have celebrated exits, managed major product launches and can speak to any number of mobile topics, from developing mobile apps to mobile advertising.

    Smart mobile industry insights can be gleaned from the female founders of mobile companies below:

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    by Angie Chang

    Challenges Of Working With Inflated Expectations (Starting Up)

    There are many things SoJo can learn from Facebook’s product development path, namely around being attuned to the needs of users and continuous evolutions.

    By Kanika Gupta (Chief Catalyst, SoJo)

    However you chose to interpret Facebook’s valuation, there is no doubt that expectations towards technology companies are increasing exponentially with time.

    With such high valuations, and companies like Instagram getting sold for one billion dollars within a year and a half of launching, reality is getting distorted. We’ve created these unreasonable expectations, where analysts and bloggers expect new entrants to have one million users overnight, and grow their companies 10x in value instantly.

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    by Angie Chang

    Facebook, Under Fire For Lack Of Female Directors On The Board, Maybe Needs A List

    There are plenty of options for adding women directors to Facebook’s board.

    By Connie Guglielmo (Contributing Writer, Forbes)

    Facebook, preparing an initial public offering that could value the social network as high as $100 billion, has plenty of options for adding women directors to its board, say women tech executives who have offered up candidates CEO Mark Zuckerberg might consider.

    At the top of the list: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s own chief operating officer. Facebook, which filed for its IPO in February, has since been criticized by activist groups and shareholders for the lack of diversity on its board – most notably, the lack of a single women among its all male, all white directors.

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    by Angie Chang

    How To Take Advantage Of HTML5 Trends & Tools

    Improvements, controversies and news related to HTML5.

    By Cherr Aira (Writer, Silicon Angle)

    HTML5 is already making its mark on today’s internet era by overcoming the limitations of its Flash and HMTL predecessors. The unification of HTML and XHTML syntax and the introduction of application programming interfaces (APIs) are good examples. HTML5 also simplified multimedia and graphical content management without having to rely on proprietary plugins and APIs. Simply put, the videos and photo apps that we enjoy using today are predominantly being supported by this platform.

    Created by Opera Software, HTML has been a core technology of the internet. The 5th revision, or HTML5, has made

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    by Angie Chang

    Women In Technology – Past, Present, Future

    This week, I delivered two keynotes to middle school and high school girls interested in tech careers.

    By Gayle Laakmann McDowell (Founder & CEO, CareerCup)

    The first one was for the Philadelphia area awards dinner for the Aspirations in Computing Award, and the second was for a wonderful event called Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology. I’ve printed my message below which addresses why everyone – both boys and girls – should consider a technology career.

    I wanted to talk to you today about why I think technology is such a great field to enter. But, first, I think I need to tell you a bit about who I am and how I got here.

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    by Managing Editor

    9 Things To Consider When You Name A Startup

    By Bernadette Jiwa (Brand Consultant, The Story of Telling)

    Everyone can agree that there’s nothing really objectionable about calling your business ‘Bargain World’. It’s an innocuous name and most people won’t hate it. That’s the problem. If you’re going to name your startup, product or service something that people won’t hate, then you’re giving yourself an identity that they will never be able to care about, either.

    Bunkum! I hear your cry what about Apple and Amazon, aren’t they just unobjectionable words too? Back in 1976 when Apple was Apple Computer, tech startups and corporations were called IBM (what does that stand for?) and Microsoft.

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    by Managing Editor

    Siri Demonstrates High-Tech Gender Gap

    By Sady Doyle (Staff Writer, In These Times)

    Last week, tech and feminist blogs erupted with a startling story: Siri, the iPhone 4 app that responds to voice queries with pre-programmed or search-engine-based replies, refused to direct its users to abortion clinics.

    Not only that: Apple’s Siri seems programmed to respond to sexual or sex-related questions almost invariably as if the user were a certain kind of cisgender man.

    If you tell Siri you’ve been raped, she wouldn’t tell you to go to a hospital, or to the police; if you tell Siri you want

  9. julia-hu-lark
    by Managing Editor

    (Video) Why Your Startup Team Needs Diversity — in Race, Financial Background and Gender

    By Jolie O’Dell (Writer, VentureBeat)

    The shopworn adage “It takes all kinds of people to make a world” is never more controversial than when applied to technology startups.

    “It takes all kinds of people to make a product” is much less accepted; diversity often gets short shrift when meritocracy is a supposed ideal and both time and funding are short.

    However, having diversity of all kinds on a startup team can actually end up saving time and money. In this interview, Julia Hu, founder of Lark, explains exactly how and why founders

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    by Angie Chang

    Tech is Really a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

    By Linda Forrest (Associate, Francis Moran & Associates)


    Reading a recent post about the role formal education plays in entrepreneurship, I was reminded of an article I read a few months ago about the “real reason women quit engineering.”

    In Stemming The Tide: Why Women Leave Engineering, two University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professors report on their survey of over 3,700 women with engineering degrees. They found that just one in four women who had left the field reported doing so to spend more time with family.

  11. julia
    by Angie Chang

    LARK Will Be Sold at Apple Stores Starting June 14

    By Julia Hu (Founder & CEO, LARK)

    Startups are ridiculously hard, but so fulfilling, and filled with life. Looking back at the last week at our international launch, looking back at these last few years leading up to this, I’d love to share a few learnings as an entrepreneur, as a woman, and a new fiancée through LARK.

    What is LARK? We help people sleep better, and better together. LARK wakes you up silently and feeling great — without disturbing anyone else.

    At night, LARK tracks how well you’re sleeping with an actigraphy sleep pattern sensor, packaged in a lightweight wristband wirelessly connected to the iPhone, When you wake up, see how you slept through the night on the iPhone and your personal online dashboard. Like your fitness coach, LARK has a sleep coach service designed with a pro-athlete sleep coach, that coaches you to better sleep by looking at your sleep patterns.

    How LARK got started

    About two years ago now, I woke up not naturally at 5am at a Saturday. This is because my boyfriend wakes up to go exercising and meditating every morning with an alarm clock, hitting snooze every time while I’d get jolted awake. This Saturday had been at the end of a busy week so I was mad at my sleep disturbance and realized this was going to happen for the rest of my life.

    I pitched my idea at a one minute business plan competition at MIT (listen to the pitch here). After the pitch, so many people came up to me and expressed the same problem — with a roommate or partner. Sharing the problem with people was powerful and I was amazed to learn that here was a dormant seemingly universal problem. I started LARK that day.