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  1. Horrible-Tianmenshan-glass-cliff-in-Zhangjiajie-Hunan-4_thumb
    by Angie Chang

    Marissa Mayer Stands On A "Glass Cliff" As Yahoo! CEO

    Women are more likely to occupy positions that are precarious and thus have a higher risk of failure – either because they are appointed to lead organizational units that are in crisis or because they are not given the resources and support needed for success.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    Marissa Mayer took the position as Yahoo!’s CEO, breaking through the glass ceiling at Google only to encounter the “glass cliff” –

    “A glass cliff is a term coined by Professor Michelle Ryan and Professor Alex Haslam of University of Exeter, United Kingdom, in 2004. Their research demonstrates that once women break through the glass ceiling and take on positions of leadership they often have experiences that are different from those of their male counterparts. More specifically, women are more likely to occupy positions that are precarious

  2. imposter bunny
    by Angie Chang

    The Imposter Syndrome And Knowing What You Don’t Know

    An accurate understanding of your own knowledge is what helps you grow and learn.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    I really have never thought I had Imposter Syndrome. I’m not a shrinking voilet, tend to talk pretty authoritatively, am confident, like to speak in public, etc. Yet, I joined a mailing list for women-techs and during discussions this term came up. I looked it up, and started locating this behavior in a few of my interactions.

    Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of inauthenticity, that you will be “found out” – that you don’t belong, and that everyone has reached some basic level of knowledge or performance that you haven’t. The feeling that your accomplishments

  3. monk3
    by Angie Chang

    My Latest 8 App Development Mantras

    During a hackathon, we’re constantly evaluating whether “it’s worth it” on any given problem.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    Maybe, perhaps because I’m an English major, I tend to notice patterns in my speech.

    I noticed recently that I keep saying the same phrases in discussions regarding mobile app development: secret sauce, no login, no back button, mentoring, phase 2, did the customer want that, don’t say user, and is it needlessly complex?

    These discussions came up in hackfests, in client work, and in advising on technical projects. What the repetition of these phrases means to me, is that I need to reinforce certain

  4. 20120620-rtc2bcwguw2c5fg8gia1nen9ix
    by Angie Chang

    Why There Are No Women On Stack Overflow… Or Are There?

    During the hackathon, we’re constantly evaluating whether “it’s worth it” on any given problem.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    For a long time, I used Stack Overflow as a reference for error messages while programming. You can search for your error and find a lovely discussion of fixes, problems, etc.

    I joined a year ago, but got some grief and didn’t login in again for a year. I had run into a very difficult bug and posted it (Facebook deep linking on Android emulator). A guy answered in four minutes and helped me troubleshoot – there was no clear answer but I was grateful for a sane head and new set of eyes.

    Full of good karma, I decided to give back.

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    by Angie Chang

    Story Of The Hackfest – Bacon Unicorn!

    During the hackathon, we’re constantly evaluating whether “it’s worth it” on any given problem.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    The AT&T Hackfest was in Palo Alto. Sleepy, beautiful, affluent, diverse and yet economically not-diverse, Palo Alto, at the AT&T Foundry, a neat space with lots of power, sunlight, and (oddly, but great) random doors onto the street. I kind of love that place.

    We slowly formed a team – my teammate from other hackathons, Stacie Hibino, and Estelle Weyl, whom I’d admired her from a JavaScript class a few months ago, and Stacie had worked with her at another hackfest. Two friends joined and left, graphic designers lured elsewhere. A friend Kris was with us the first day.

  6. finalapp_3-152x300
    by Angie Chang

    How To Make A Facebook Mobile App In Seven Minutes Flat

    Facebook Mobile App in 20, no 7, Minutes

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    I’m speaking at the AT&T HTML5 Hackathon tonight, and here are my slides, and basically my entire presentation.


    Facebook has a nifty Mobile Web SDK and tutorial, and that’s what I’m going to make. The application is Unicorns and Ponies – a simple “find fun posts on Facebook about unicorns and ponies”.

    I had fun making it. I just timed myself and it was 5 minutes and 30 seconds, so hopefully… if I can control the digressions and asides, might be able to do it.

    This is a reprise of two different talks – “Facebook in 20 minutes” – the app was called “Popularity”, and judged your popularity on the size of your friend list. Then, re-did that talk “Facebook in 20 MInutes” – that app was “I’m Pregnant!” determining if you were talking more about babies and congratulations on your feed.

    Both are server-side PHP SDK tutorials, with open graph and authentication.

    Mobile web is far easier to setup, so in a way halving this talk makes sense. Here is the overview:

  7. 390350345_a0a04a139d_z
    by Angie Chang

    Women Who Code Lightning Talk: Winning Hackathons (Video)


    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    I spoke on “Winning! At Hackfests” for Women Who Code in San Francisco where we had 12-15 lightening rounds of women talking about coding. It was really awesome! Some favorites: using genetic algorithms to solve computing problems, and digital visualization.

    Back to me. Ever since seeing myself on cable access, singing and dancing in a musical at the age of 12, I’ve really cringed whenever I see myself on screen. Mostly because of the disconnect between how I think I appear, and how I really appear. Not that I’m judging the quality of my haircut or anything.

  8. 1910Ford-T
    by Angie Chang

    Invention And She’s Geeky 2012

    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    I really want to find this picture of my great-grandfather standing in front of his car, that has a license plate with a big circle cut out of the center. He’s showing off his invention. A way of keeping your car from being stolen. You take the center of the license out with you when you leave the car. Ta-da.

    Inventing things is so much fun! OK blog post is done.

    Alright, more background: She’s Geeky is an “unconference” that is, a loosely self-organized conference based on

  9. images
    by Angie Chang

    An iPhone Developer Learns Android: Some Thoughts On Code

    Here are basics to coding in Java/Android for Eclipse.

    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    At first, doing a “Hello World” was quite easy.

    The hardest part was learning Eclipse (for Mac):

    • Open Eclipse and don’t worry about opening a project, on the left hand side will be all of your “workspace” projects.
    • Running (the play button) does an automatic build.
    • Mouseover red squiggly underlines to find build errors.

    I lost one of my panes, and that took forever to learn how to open again.

  10. 1211_penelopeTrunk__411669a
    by Angie Chang

    Penelope Trunk’s Skewed Perceptions Of The World, Part 2

    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    Editor’s note: Founder and CEO of Lark, Julia Hu’s editorial on pitching for venture capital as a woman is an excellent read on women starting companies and raising VC.

    As usual, Penelope Trunk is fanning the flames and creating controversy (Part 1 is here). Her latest is in TechCrunch, “Stop Telling Women to Start Startups” (ironically linked to by a female startup CEO friend of mine).

    If you don’t know Penelope Trunk, she had a blog 10 years ago about job-hunting (based on

  11. comp_sci_cartoon_sm
    by Angie Chang

    Notes From the Classroom: Assisting Teaching High School Girls Ruby on Rails

    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    I spent the day TA’ing for my friend’s class. Sarah Mei taught an Intro to Ruby class for 6 hours to 12 high school senior girls. They were in a 4-day intense engineering stay-away camp, that they’d done for four successive years. They take girls freshman year, and the same girls come back every year. This cartoon is from one of our feedback surveys.

    Sarah managed to get the ratio of TA’s to girls approximately 1-3, which was awesome. I worked pretty closely with three young women. All of the TA’s were women, too, of different

  12. 5222517031_17dc6ebb72_z
    by Angie Chang

    iOS Dev Camp Debriefing: There Is No I in Team, and Other Cliches

    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    I occasionally spend an entire weekend, almost 24 hours in the day, hunkered over my computer in a fluorescent room, amongst others also lit by the back glow of their MacBooks. I can’t really explain this to non-technical friends and family. It’s San Jose, it’s July, it’s sunny… what exactly is the desire to continue working all weekend?

    What seems so obvious to me, is that we are like crazy scientists or inventors in our castles, making Frankenstein. So of course we’re going to work all night, every night, because we’re so goddamn eager.

  13. slide-1-728
    by Angie Chang

    How To Make a Simple Facebook App in 20 Minutes

    By Anna Billstrom (Developer, Momentus Media)

    Facebook apps can be as complicated as Frontierville, or as simple as a Facebook app that simply announces to all your Facebook friends, “I’m pregnant!”

    Last weekend, a dozen SF-WOW attendees built from scratch a Facebook app to announce a pregnancy to their friends. The workshop is based on a blog post I wrote: Making a Simple Facebook App in 20 Minutes.

    We covered the core aspects of Facebook development, namely OAuth2.0 and the Graph API.

    Check out the Facebook app we built in 20 minutes! Visit http://apps.facebook.com/impregnant and the blog post with instructions on how to get your own Facebook app up and running in 20 minutes. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post (“Further Reading”) for access to FB API documentation.

    Intro slides from the “Making a Simple Facebook App in 20 Minutes” workshop are below.

  14. appnation
    by Angie Chang

    Partner event: APPNATION 2011 for Mobile Developers

    APPNATION (April 27 – 28 in San Francisco) is an ambitious and bold thought leadership conference and exposition focusing exclusively on the consumer applications revolution and global app economy. Featuring speakers and exhibitors including Digital Chocolate, Marvel Entertainment, Jumptap, Nielsen Mobile, RIM, Intel, Outfit7, Sequoia Capital, WIP, Fox Broadcasting, Greystripe, Norwest Venture Partners, and Wall Street Journal.

    On Thursday, April 28 (1:15pm – 1:50pm on the 2nd Floor Mezzanine at Moscone South @ APPNATION) join us for the “Monetization Strategies” panel with open Q&A – presented by Women 2.0 & Founder Labs!

    Shaherose Charania (Co-Founder, Women 2.0 & Founder Labs) will be leading the discussion on monetization of mobile apps with the following panelists:

    • Cathy Edwards (Co-Founder & CTO, Chomp)
    • Jean Hsu (Android Developer, Pulse)
    • Rob Coneybeer (Co-Founder & Partner, Shasta Ventures)
    • Raj Singh (Entrepreneur-in-Residence, SRI)

    Check out mobile developer Sophia Perl presenting her mobile app Eventabulous at the AppCircus on Wednesday, April 27 at 5:20pm.

    We will also be showcasing 5 mobile developers from the Women 2.0 community in at the APPNATION expo with their own developer demo pods:

    DEVELOPERS: Submit your app and have a chance to pitch at the [email protected] on April 27! Powered by dotopen, this is a unique global traveling showcase of the most creative and innovative apps presented by their creators during some of the most influential international events in mobile/web. AppCircus is open to developers, startups and any other organization and offers each participant a chance to get a nomination to the annual Mobile Premier Awards at Mobile World Congress. Click here for full details, rules and submission information. Deadline for entry is April 17.

    Women 2.0 members save 40% with discount code “APWN40”.