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    by Angie Chang

    Partner Event: Ideas Are Worthless (September 6 In SF)

    Black Founders events are open to entrepreneurs of all races and encourages all interested to attend.

    Black Founders hosts Ideas Are Worthless on Thursday, September 6, 2012 in San Francisco, CA. The all-day conference features Michael Seibel (Founder of SocialCam), Steve Blank (Author of 4 Steps To The Epiphany), Charles Hudson (Venture Partner at SoftTech VC), Angela Benton (Founder of NewMe Accelerator), Ann Winblad (Partner of Hummer Winblad) and many more.

    Women 2.0 members save 20% when registering with discount code “women2”.

    Entrepreneurs taking part in the conference will benefit

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    by Angie Chang

    To Be Or Not To Be A Woman Entrepreneur

    Moving into management takes a shift in thinking, and new ways of finding self-­actualization.

    By Gargi Nalawade (Founder & CEO, Sepalz)

    Successes such as Instagram has got the whole developer community up in restless excitement. At least two developers approached me the day the Instagram acquisition was announced. And they did their own announcements to me.

    “I would like to talk to you about becoming an entrepreneur”, one said. “I would like to know how exactly to become an entrepreneur and understand what it takes” said another.

    Looking at Instagram and the 12-person team that made hundreds of millions in a few months is giving them a blood rush.

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    by Angie Chang

    Misrepresented, Misunderstood, Miraculous Women Entrepreneurs

    By Sarah Granger (Contributor, San Francisco Chronicle)


    It’s no secret that San Francisco and Silicon Valley’s tech demographics skew heavily on the side of men. Rather than continue quietly observing this cultural inequity, over the past few years, more voices have brought attention to the issue.

    Through increased publicity, thanks to speeches by leaders like Sheryl Sandberg and articles like this month’s feature in San Francisco magazine, the conversation around women entrepreneurs is beginning to change. Still, some of the discussion is going in the wrong direction – focusing only at those at the very top