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    by Angie Chang

    How I Met 75 Investors and Raised $650,000 For My Startup

    There is no cookie cutter formula to fundraising but I believe the common denominator in fundraising is perseverance.

    By Aihui Ong (Founder & CEO, Love With Food)

    Love With Food graduated from 500 Startups accelerator program about a year ago and we raised $650,000 in June of 2012. It was 3 painful months of fundraising. If you think fundraising is a piece of cake just because we were a 500 alum, think again! When I first began fundraising, all I heard was discouragement.

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    by Angie Chang

    Female Founders To Watch Shipping Products (With Discounts!) This Holiday Season

    Celebrating women entrepreneurs building businesses online!

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Support your favorite women entrepreneurs who have launched high-growth high-tech ventures while shopping for yourself and loved ones this holiday season! From subscriptions to monthly goods delivered to doorstops to the exquisite, unique pieces of jewelry and lingerie, you can save while shopping from women-owned businesses.

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    by Angie Chang

    Top 10 Ways 500 Startups Open Doors For Love With Food

    The 500 experience has definitely helped us grow in many unimaginable ways, more than I can list…

    By Aihui Ong (Founder & CEO, Love With Food)

    There are so many incubator/accelerator programs in Silicon Valley (e.g. AngelPad, 500 Startups, YC) and each has a different application process, providing different levels of investment in exchange for equity. However, they all share a common trait – they aim to open doors for you, help propel you to the next stage of your startup growth. What they don’t do is spoon-feeding. Hand holding not included.

    Love With Food is fortunate to be part of 500 Startups (graduated Feb’12), one of the top 10 startup incubators

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    by Angie Chang

    Women Entrepreneurs Fundraise For Products, Companies (Ubeam, Love With Food, OUYA…)

    Good news: women raise funding for companies, and women entrepreneurs make waves on Kickstarter.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    FUNDS RAISED: 22 year old Meredith Perry raising $1M from Founders Fund and other angels for her startup. The Ubeam founder and CEO gave a popular TEDx talk earlier this year on “how to be a technology innovator – without an engineering degree or Asperger’s”.

    Previous PITCH applicants and conference attendees may recognize this woman – Aihui Ong raised $645k in seed funding for her startup Love With Food, a subscription food box with a philanthropic twist.

    FUNDRAISING: New Android-powered game console

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    by Angie Chang

    Love With Food Launches Monthly Subscription Service

    By Leena Rao (Reporter, TechCrunch)

    The subscription commerce market is heating up with Birch Box, Kiwi Crate, and others all offering various takes on the monthly box model.

    Today, 500 Startups company Love With Food is launching its subscription model, which offers a monthly box to users with tasty, gourmet samples of food.

    Here’s how it works. Through monthly sample boxes, which are $14 per month with free shipping, Love With Food includes 5 or more gourmet tasty bites. The model gives people a way to find and taste samples of new foods before they buy full-size orders.

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    by Managing Editor

    Zombies Invade 500 Accelerator, Hungry For BRAAAAAAAAINS

    By Christine Tsai (Partner, 500 Startups)

    In recent weeks, residents of this quiet suburb have reported strange activity concentrated in the downtown area of Castro Street. There have been numerous sightings of zombies lumbering up and down Castro, mouths agape, in search of three things.

    Noted by many Castro St business owners, they hear only these words over and over: “BRAAAAAAAINS. CUUUUUUUUUSTOMERS. MOOOOOOOOONEY.”

    Extreme caution should be heeded. The 12th

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    by Angie Chang

    5 Global Women’s Tech Entrepreneurship Journeys (August 25)

    By Francine Gordon (Chair, SVForum Tech Women)

    BayBrazil and SVForum Tech Women are featuring foreign-born women succeeding in Silicon Valley. The first program earlier this year highlighted a series of female business leaders from around the world. Side discussions revolved around the tradeoffs of having legally required quotas, such as those that have been imposed in some European countries and elsewhere.

    This time, the focus is on young women who have become technology entrepreneurs. All of the founders on the “Global Women’s Journey” panel on Thursday, August 25 in San Jose

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    by Angie Chang

    10 Usability Takeaways for Web Developers (Don’t Make Me Think)

    By Aihui Ong (Founding CEO & CTO, Love With Food)

    As a web developer, I can easily write code and whip up new features. But are they usable? Would my users understand how to use them? I’ve built features that none of my users like or use and I have to painfully demolish my code to remove them! Yes, I have separation issues! I’ve been coding less now and reading more about design and usability. I have come to realize that I can build new features but that doesn’t mean I should.

    I’ve heard so much about this book “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug and indeed, he shares

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    by Angie Chang

    Female Founders to Watch in Singapore

    By Aihui Ong (Founding CEO & CTO, Love With Food)

    Did you watch The Social Network? Where is Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook? He’s in Singapore, investing in startups. Even Plug and Play recently opened their Asian Headquarters in Singapore.

    With a business-friendly environment and attractive tax incentives for investors, Singapore is quickly becoming one of the hot startup scenes in Asia. Whether it’s using technology to educate children or provide entertainment, these female entrepreneurs in Singapore are definitely creating a stir in Asia!

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    by Angie Chang

    Singapore Women Entrepreneurs Chill With Women 2.0

    By Aihui Ong (Founder & CEO, Love With Food) and Gwen Tan (Founder, SGEntrepreneurs)

    SINGAPORE – A thriving cosmopolitan country in Southeast Asia brims with diversity, as well as a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture. Women 2.0, in partnership with SGEntrepreneurs hosted our first ever mixer in Singapore on June 6, 2011. We were curious, were there any female founders on this tiny island — an area just 8 times the size of Manhattan?

    A roomful of about 40 current and aspiring entrepreneurs attended the event at SmartSpace (venue sponsor). One of the beauties of entrepreneurship is the willingness to help. We kicked off the night by encouraging everyone to share their skill or talent, no matter how big or small, how they can help someone else in the room. It was indeed an awesome night, sharing entrepreneurial challenges, stories and meeting new faces.

    Read the full post at “Chillin with Female Founders”

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    by Angie Chang

    Women 2.0 Mixer in Singapore on June 6

    Calling Singapore entrepreneurs! Network with fellow Women 2.0 founders, aspiring and current, over drinks and bites at Smart Space on Monday, June 6 in Singapore.

    Join Audrey Tan and Min Xuan (Co-Founders, PlayMoolah) on Monday, June 6, 2011 @ 7pm at SmartSpace in Singapore for a Women 2.0 and SGEntrepreneurs mixer.

    Women 2.0’s PITCH Director Aihui Ong (Founding CEO & CTO, Love With Food will also be in attendance.

    Free RSVP here for Women 2.0 mixer in Singapore on June 6.

    This Women 2.0 event is co-hosted by SGEntrepreneurs. Special thanks to drinks and venue sponsor SmartSpace, a collaborative workspace based in Singapore for new business ventures around the world, particularly in design, media and technology.

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    by Angie Chang

    Female Startup Founders, Female CTOs And Technical Co-Founders (Oh My!)

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    This morning at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, Julia Hu (Co-Founder & CEO of Lark) got engaged while presenting her startup onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC — her boyfriend inserted a proposal slide into her deck.

    Meanwhile, attendees at the National Center for Women in Technology annual summit were not pleased with the lack of technical women leading startups and companies. TechCrunch contributor Vivek Wadhwa tweeted “Sarah, there are very few women CTOs.” Developer and advocate Sarah Mei tweeted back, “I thought there were a few. Pointers plz.”

    Every time this happens, we at Women 2.0 put our heads together and come up with a handy list of women CTOs of tech startups for anyone who asks. From writers for magazines to conference organizations, we all want to know — where are the technical women of startups? Why are they not more frequently featured on magazine covers and quoted in newspapers?

    No more excuses. Let’s get these technical women leaders exposure.

    Female Startup Founders – Who Are Also CTOs:

    Cathy Edwards (Co-Founder & CTO, Chomp)
    Chomp‘s proprietary algorithm learns the functions and topics of apps helps you find the apps you want. Chomp was acquired by Apple in February 2012. Follow her on Twitter at @cathye.

    Sandy Jen (Co-Founder & CTO, Meebo)
    A co-founder of Meebo, Sandy is also their CTO. Google acquired Meebo for a rumored $100M in June 2012. Follow her on Twitter at @meebosandy.

    Mariya Genzel (Co-Founder & CTO, SayGent)
    Saygent started as Ultimate Hire at Women 2.0 Startup Weekend in 2009. Saygent recently raised $1M in funding. Follow her on Twitter at @mashagenzel.

    Leslie Ikemoto (Co-Founder & CTO, Animeeple)
    Leslie co-founded Animeeple, a 3D character animation tool. She wrote Hako in 24 hours and also created Hipnoz. Follow her on Twitter at @leslieikemoto.

    Aihui Ong (Founder & CEO, Love With Food)
    Aihui launched Love With Food to combine her passions two: coding and fooding, her MacBook Pro and her KitchenAid mixer. Follow her on Twitter at @aihui.

    Sarah Allen (Co-Founder & CTO, Mightyverse)
    Sarah co-founded Railsbridge to increase diversity in engineering, consults at Blazing Cloud, and co-founded Mightyverse. Follow her on Twitter at @ultrasaurus.

    Jenny Chen (Co-Founder & CTO, Wanderable)
    After working at Amazon Web Services for over five years, Jenny Chen co-founded Wanderable to make wedding registries more fun for travel lovers. Follow her on Twitter at @phethyr.

    Shilpa Dalmia (Co-Founder & CTO, ActivityHero)
    An engineer by profession and a parent at heart, Shilpa Dalmia started ActivityHero to help parents select activities for their kids. Follow her on Twitter at @shilpa_dalmia.

    Julia Grace (Co-Founder & CTO, WeddingLovely)
    After earning two degrees in computer science, Julia Grace spent 4 years at IBM Research, ran product at a startup then co-founded WeddingLovely. Follow her on Twitter at @jewelia.

    Bryn McCoy (Co-Founder & CTO, Citizen Made)
    After building innovative software for the likes of IBM and BMW, hacker and designer Bryn McCoy co-founded Citizen Made in Chicago. Follow her on Twitter at @brynmccoy.

    Rana el Kaliouby, Ph.D. (Co-Founder & CTO, Affectiva)
    MIT research scientist Rana el Kaliouby co-founded Affectiva to scale video-based expression recognition technology she invented. Follow her on Twitter at @kaliouby.

    Notable Technical Women Leaders At Startups:

    Niniane Wang (CTO, Minted)
    Niniane currently leads the engineering team at Minted, having 11 years of experience at Google and Microsoft. Follow her on Twitter at @niniane and follow her startup at @minted.

    Liz Crawford (VP Engineering, Birchbox)
    Liz is currently VP of E at Birchbox. Previously, she co-founded and served as CTO of Aprizi. Follow her on Twitter at @liscrawford and follow her startup at @birchbox.

    Mary Lou Jepsen (Founding CTO, One Laptop Per Child)
    Mary Lou is currently Founder & CEO of Pixel Qi, producer of low power, sunlight readable displays. Previously, she was founding CTO of OLPC. Follow her startup at @pixelqi.

    Beth Marcus (Founder & CEO, Playrific)
    Beth founded and served as CEO for startups, most notably EXOS, which was VC-backed and sold to Microsoft in 1996. She served as CTO at Zeemote. Follow her on Twitter at @startupdoc.

    Ning Ning (VP Engineering, Perfect Market)
    Ning Ning has served as VP of E at multiple tech startups, contributing to the sale of three of these to Salesforce, MEI and AskJeeves. Follow her startup at @PerfectMarket.

    Daisy Itty (VP Engineering, DataStax)
    Daisy has served as Director of Engineering of Responsys, BlueRoads and Selectica where she was one of the first engineers. Follow her startup on Twitter at @datastax.

    Kate Matsudaira (VP Engineering, SEOmoz)
    Kate has been holding engineering positions of increasing responsibility, and currently runs engineering at SEOmoz. Follow her on Twitter at @katemats and her startup at @SEOmoz.

    Meg Withgott (Co-Founder & CTO, Panafold)
    Meg co-founded Panafold, the knowledge attraction company. She co-founded ePlanet, and led research at Xerox PARC, Interval and Sun Labs. Follow her on Twitter at @megwith.

    Chiu-Ki Chan (Founder & Developer, Monkey Write)
    After being a software engineer for over 6 years at Google and 2 startups, Chiu-ki Chan is working on Monkey Write. Follow her on Twitter at @chiuki.

    Women With Technical Backgrounds But No Longer Hold Technical Titles:

    Leah Busque (Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit)
    To outsource errands, the efficiency-minded Leah Busque coded the first version of labor marketplace TaskRabbit in 2008. Follow her on Twitter at @labusque.

    Leah Culver (Co-Founder, Grove)
    Dveloper Leah Culver co-founded Pownce, which was by Six Apart in 2008. She’s now working on Grove. Follow her on Twitter at @leahculver.

    Jess Lee (Co-Founder & CEO, Polyvore)
    Computer science major and former Google product manager Jess Lee runs Polyvore as its CEO. Polvore recently raised $14M Series C funding. Follow her on Twitter at @jesskah.

    Elizabeth Yin (Co-Founder & CEO, LaunchBit)
    Elizabeth Yin launched the email newsletter ad network LaunchBit out of 500 Startups, raising $950k investment to date. Follow her on Twitter at @launchbit.

    Jennifer Chin (Co-Founder & COO, LaunchBit)
    Front-end designer Jennifer Chin of LaunchBit boasts a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT. Follow her on Twitter at @launchbit.

    Jessica Mah (Co-Founder & CEO, InDinero)
    Jessica Mah built InDinero for a real-time dashboard to make small business accounting easy for everyone. Follow her on Twitter at @JessicaMah.

    Leah Busque (Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit)
    Back by popular demand, TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque resumed her CEO title as it was announced on TechCrunch this week. Follow her on Twitter at @labusque.

    Poornima Vijayashanker (Founder & CEO, BizeeBee)
    Mint.com employee #2 and software engineer Poornima Vijayashanker started BizeeBee for SMBs. Follow her on Twitter at @poornima.

    Amy Sheng (Co-Founder, CellScope)
    Mechanical engineer Amy co-founded CellScope to extend the reach of diagnosis with medical microscopy from your smartphone. Follow Amy on Twitter at @AmySheng.

    Ayah Bdeir (Founder & Lead Engineer, littlebits)
    Ayah created litteBits, an award-winning kit of pre-assembled circuits that snap together with tiny magnets. No soldering, no wiring, no programming. Follow Ayah on Twitter at @AyahBdeir.

    Annie Chang (Co-Founder & Head of Products, LOLapps)
    “Don’t be fooled by the name of her startup” warned Fast Company. Annie Chang co-founded LOLapps, which was acquired by 6waves in July 2011. Follow her on Twitter at @lolapps.

    Dr. Vivienne Ming (Co-Founder, Chief Scientist & Executive Director, Socos)
    Dr. Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist launching an edu-tech startup building cognitive analytics for the classroom. Follow her on Twitter at @neuraltheory and her startup at @socos_me.

    Julie Yoo (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Kyruus)
    Julie built the first version of the company’s data mining platform. She leads the product team at Kyruus, which received $5.5M Series A in 2011. Follow her on Twitter at @julesyoo.

    Michelle Norgan (Co-Founder & CPO, Kismet)
    Michelle, who launched her product onstage at the inaugural Women 2.0 PITCH conference, taught herself iOS programming and co-founded Kismet. Follow her on Twitter at @mnorgan.

    Chandini Ammineni (Co-Founder, ActivityHero)
    Chandini Ammineni build apps including one to help pregnant moms see the heartbeat of their babies on the iPhone, then stated ActivityHero. Follow her on Twitter at @ammineni.

    Peggy Chang (Co-Founder, ActivityHero)
    An engineer with an MBA, Peggy Chang led product management teams for Intuit, Charles Schwab and the LA Times before joining ActivityHero.

    Marcela Miyazawa (Co-Founder, Wanderable)
    Former 23andMe product manager and Stanford computer science major Marcela Miyazawa co-founded Wanderable to provide experiential honeymoon registries.

    Tracy Osborn (Founder & CEO, WeddingLovely)
    Designer and self-taught Django developer Tracy Osborn launched WeddingLovely herself until she found her technical co-founder Julia Grace. Follow her on Twitter at @limedaring.

    Erica Douglass (Founder & CEO, Whoosh Traffic)
    Prior to Whoosh Traffic, Erica Douglass sold her web hosting company for $1.1M. She built everything (website to server hardware) from scratch. Follow her on Twitter at @ericabiz.

    Email submissions to [email protected]. Thank you for helping us grow this list!

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    by Angie Chang

    Breaking Up With “Technology” Was the Best Thing I Did Before Love With Food

    By Aihui Ong (Founding CEO & CTO, Love With Food)

    “I have a Computer Science background and I’m supposed to love technology.”
    I spent the first 8 years of my career specializing in enterprise financial systems, and made a name for myself in the enterprise world. I’ve consulted and engineered many Fortune 500 financial systems (Sony, Fox, GM, etc). Counting money and being accountable for every penny seriously killed my love for technology and in 2007, I called it quits. I was so burnt out and sworn that I’ll never ever be a software engineer again.

    I left Silicon Valley with my passport and a backpack and hopped on the next flight to wherever! It was my “eat, pray, love” adventure to help get back my sanity and recover from my breakup with “technology”.

    Doing Good
    With a backpack and 12 months, I traveled through 20 countries. I met many wonderful people but also witnessed many living in poverty with no clean water or food. Seeing their hardship jolted me back to reality. With so much advancement in technology, why is hunger still an issue today? When I’m angry, it usually gets my brain juice flowing. I was motivated to explore more into social entrepreneurship.