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  1. CfA_logo
    by Angie Chang

    Code For America’s Accelerator: Disruption As Public Service

    Pre-applications open now for the Code for America Accelerator 2013. The Accelerator turbo charges “civic startups,” providing mentorship, funding and support to entrepreneurs helping government work more effectively and transparently.

    By Caitria O’Neill (Co-Founder & CEO, Recovers)

    The learning curve for a startup founder is very steep. So steep that if you don’t approach it at the appropriate speed and angle, it can feel a lot like kissing bricks at 50mph.

  2. AngelPad
    by Angie Chang

    Accelerating My Company With AngelPad: A Founder’s Perspective (Apply By July 21 To Join The Next Accelerator Class)

    My company Piggybackr was one of 11 companies that emerged from AngelPad’s spring 2012 class. Female founders should apply – applications close this Sunday, July 22, 2012 so apply now!

    By Andrea Lo (Co-Founder & CEO, Piggybackr)

    AngelPad was started in 2010 by a group of ex-Googlers committed to helping technology companies succeed during some of their most formative periods pre-funding. Founder Thomas Korte had been angel investing for some time and wanted to get even more involved with his companies. In a few short years, AngelPad has climbed to be ranked the #4 global incubator by Forbes and has helped companies raise over $25 million in funding.

    When we got into AngelPad, I had already been working on my company full-time for 4 months.

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    by Angie Chang

    Exclusive Interview With TechStars NY’s Sonia Sahney Nagar

    Pickie co-founder Sonia Sahney Nagar talks about her digital-meets-retail startup Pickie in NY TechStars.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Women 2.0 talked to TechStars participant Sonia Sahney Nagar, a co-founder and CEO of a personalized shopping magazine for the iPad called Pickie. A former Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Booz & Co employee, Sonia pursued her passion for innovating at the intersection of digital and retail with Pickie in TechStars New York.

    Women 2.0: Congrats on demoing your startup Pickie at TechStars demo day last week! How did you hear about TechStars?

    Sonia Sahney Nagar: One of my co-founders, Ryan,

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    by Angie Chang

    Kickass Women Founders Wanted For Betaspring’s Fall Accelerator Program In Rhode Island

    Deadline to apply for early admission is May 21, 2012 for Betaspring accelerator in Rhode Island.

    By Melissa Withers (Chief of Staff & Nerd Whisperer, Betaspring)

    A startup accelerator based in Providence, RI, Betaspring is now accepting applications for our Fall 2012 accelerator (kicking off on August 20, 2012). Early application deadline is May 21. Final application deadline is June 5.

    Accelerating the development and launch of women-led ventures is a huge, and largely untapped, opportunity to grow new startups across the globe. As a member of the largest network of startup accelerators in the United States, Betaspring is committed to increasing the percentage of women-led ventures launched

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    by Angie Chang

    Fuel Economics: 10 Tips For Being The Flip, Not The Flop

    At almost $4.00/gallon, passion, performance and efficiency are key.

    By Adriana Galue (Co-Founder, Mint Consulting)

    I have the good fortune of living in Boulder, Colorado – home of TechStars.

    For those not familiar with it, TechStars is the largest US accelerator focusing on technology companies. They fund an average of 50 companies per year. Each selected company receives $100K of seed money in exchange of common stock. I like the fact that they actually take common and not preferred stock. The TechStars model has been replicated in several other cities in the U.S. In addition, they just launched

  6. fundraising2_2
    by Angie Chang

    How Can I Fund My Startup? A Look At Fundraising Options

    Secure the funds you need to give your startup runway – from competitions to crowdfunding.

    By Nillie Goldman (Founder & Publisher, WebToTheRescue)

    For some entrepreneurial ventures, startup capital needs are minimal. If an entrepreneur has a low risk profile (and an idea that doesn’t require a lot of startup capital), this could be the way to go.

    For other ventures, startup capital requirements are more involved. While there are entrepreneurs who are able to finance their startups themselves – either from savings and investments or by continuing to work at least part time – most of us need to investigate other sources of financing.

    In addition to all the standard options

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    by Angie Chang

    Finding The Right Accelerator Program For Women Entrepreneurs

    Learnings from the “Exploring the Top Startup Accelerator Programs” panel at SXSW.

    By Dana Rosenberg (Startup Enthusiast, Self)

    It’s no secret that technology startups is a male-dominated field. As a woman in tech, and with the recent rise of accelerator programs, I wanted to hear about startup accelerators that have proven benefits to female entrepreneurs.

    At a panel at SXSW on finding the right accelerator program for you, I took advantage of the opportunity to ask the panelists about their approach to female founders. I wanted to know what percent of their companies are female founded, whether they take gender into account when selecting their classes and whether

  8. wim-2306-3
    by Angie Chang

    No Boys Allowed: Women Innovate Mobile Accelerator For Women

    By Sarah Perez (Writer, TechCrunch)

    Today, a new startup accelerator for women, the Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) Accelerator, is opening its doors for applications. The program will start off small, offering two to five companies seed funding of $18,000, plus mentoring, support, and free office space in New York during the course of its three-month program.

    The company was founded by Veronika Sonsev, the co-founder of inSparq and the non-profit Women in Wireless, Deborah Jackson, founder of JumpThru, and business strategist Kelly Hoey.

    “Accelerators are dominated by men and

  9. womeninnovate_digits_DV_20111221141107
    by Angie Chang

    Women In Mobile Tech: A New Startup Accelerator In NYC

    By Emily Glazer (Writer, Wall Street Journal)

    When it comes to programs that nurture new startups, women often don’t make the cut. A new “startup accelerator” hopes to combat that gender disparity in at least one booming market: mobile technology.

    Women Innovate Mobile opened its application today to startups with a woman founder or co-founder and a product that is related to mobile. The accelerator will offer two to five startups free New York office space, mentoring and coaching, access to venture capitalists and other investors in addition to $18,000 in seed funding, $10,000 worth of product development and design support, and $10,000 worth of mobile marketing promotions.

  10. yc1
    by Angie Chang

    Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Apply To Y Combinator

    By Rachel Sklar (Founder, Change The Ratio)

    The time is once again upon us: Y Combinator applications are due tomorrow. From there, Paul Graham and company will choose the next crop of Y Combinator startups, which will converge on Silicon Valley in January 2012 to innovate, iterate, develop, learn and build — and take a sweet check from Ron Conway and Yuri Milner while they’re at it.

    The money isn’t why, if you’re an early-stage startup, you should find Y Combinator appealing. (If you’re the real deal, I’m pretty sure it’s not.) It’s because that program pulls together

  11. yc1
    by Angie Chang

    Programs Increasing Number of Women Entrepreneurs

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    You know the adage “two guys in a garage”? Well, not anymore — there are a new crop of accelerators, incubators and programs aimed at creating diverse and remarkably innovative startups.

    Thanks to this new trend in the startup industrial complex, “accelerators are offering the guidance to men and women, but the women are taking advantage of that and that’s made a big difference — particularly for women,” said Francine Sommer with Village Ventures in a DigiDay panel discussion earlier this year.

  12. 4946125147_808253ab9c_z
    by Angie Chang

    Edutech Startup Founder & CEO Sue Khim Talks Accelerators, Programming, and Saving Students Money

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Sue Khim is founder and CEO of Alltuition, a startup that empowers students and their families to navigate the financial aid process. She developed the concept for Alltuiton when she was a junior at the University of Chicago with $50,000 of undergraduate debt. With her co-founders Sam Solomon and Silas Hundt, together they have built out a powerful platform of college finance tools.

    Alltuition brings every step of financial aid into one easy interface, like a TurboTax for college. Students, parents, and grads can fill out forms, manage deadlines, compare loans, and more.

  13. Growlab_Logo
    by Angie Chang

    GrowLab Accelerator To Provide Startups With Seed Funding in Vancouver, San Francisco

    By Debbie Landa (Co-Founder, GrowLab)

    GrowLab is a “startup boot camp” for entrepreneurs whose companies receive up to $25,000 in seed funding, four months of mentorship, free office space and a $150,000 in follow-on funding upon graduation of the program. The first three months of the program are in Vancouver and the fourth is in San Francisco.

    Deadline for GrowLab applications is June 15, 2011 and the program begins on August 15th, 2011.

    GrowLab is on the lookout for the great entrepreneurs. We’ve had a good number of applicants so far but I would love to see more female entrepreneurs apply for GrowLab. I look forward to the day when over 50% of our applicants come from women instead of only 5%.

    Apply here for GrowLab by June 15.