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    by Angie Chang

    3 Self-Improvement Books Actually Worth Your Time

    Self-improvement books that have stood the test of time and usefulness: Never Eat Alone, Getting More & 4-Hour Workweek.

    By Julie Zhou (Growthmaster, Hipmunk)

    Growing up, my parents required me to read one self-improvement book every week, and I’ve mostly kept this up into adulthood due to inertia and fear of missing out on all of the newest ways that I can make myself a more valuable member of society. I’ve breathed Covey’s tenets of effectiveness, SUCCES’d my way to eternal stickiness, made more than a few stupid stock picks based on the latest financial sensation and read inspiring life doctrines

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    by Angie Chang

    Can A Middle-Aged Mom Launch A Startup? Maybe.

    By Erica Etelson (Founder, Sharemore)

    When I started telling friends about my plan to launch a startup, eyebrows were raised. People who know me wondered aloud how I would fare without going to the gym, sleeping eight (okay, nine) hours a night and being home by five o’clock to spend unhurried time with my family.

    They have a point: I’m a 44-year old mother who does not have the expansive time and energy of a single, childless 23-year old. Is it possible to found an e-commerce website without losing my life? Tech founders have