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  2. xxinhealth
    by Angie Chang

    XX In Health: A Retreat For Women In Healthcare

    As in many sectors, healthcare has a dearth of women leaders.

    By Ariel Schwartz (Senior Editor, FastCompany’s Co.Exist)

    Just 4% of healthcare CEOs are women even though they make up 73% of medical and health services managers.

    And according to health technology startup accelerator Rock Health, just three VC-backed digital health tech startups that raised at least $2 million in 2012 had female CEOs.

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    by Angie Chang

    23andMe Co-Founder Linda Avey: The Future Of Personal Data Tracking

    The rise of personal analytics is going to bring us much greater clarity on our health decisions. Linda Avey’s new company, Curiosity Inc., hopes to help quantify that data and tell us how to lead healthier lives.

    By Ariel Schwartz (Senior Editor, Co.Exist)

    Linda Avey, the co-founder of genetic testing service 23andMe, wasn’t content with starting a company that brought genome-sharing from the sci-fi realm into reality. She had to do more. Avey’s most recent mission: creating a personal data sharing and analytics platform through her new startup Curious, Inc. We spoke to Avey about the future of personal genomics, health data tracking, and how Curious will empower patients.

    The premise of Curious, Inc.: We’re really hoping to tap into general human curiosity.

  4. Esther Dyson
    by Angie Chang

    Angel Investor Esther Dyson on Women Entrepreneurs and Health-Focused Startups

    Women 2.0 asks Esther Dyson, angel investor in companies like Flickr and 23andMe, about opportunities for entrepreneurs and the women entrepreneurs in her portfolio.

    Esther Dyson: The opportunities for women are basically the same as opportunities in general. They are not currently in video sharing or yet another social network (ie. “if we get 10 million people we’d be wildly successful”). People forget that to get the wide audience you need, you need to spend a lot on marketing or have something unique.

    In general, the opportunities aren’t so much strategic, but specific to an individual. What do you know?