Women 2.0 Products

Content, community and conferences for aspiring and current women innovators in technology.

  • Conferences


    Twice annual Conferences focused on exploring up-and-coming trends in innovation and the people and stories behind disruptive innovation.

    Past Conferences: SF 2008, SF 2010, SF 2012, NYC 2012, SF 2013, LV 2013, SF 2014
    Upcoming: 2014

  • PITCH Startup Competition

    PITCH Startup Competition

    The run-up to every Women 2.0 Conference is defined by a competition for early-stage technology startups. We receive 200+ submissions from 20+ countries.  Winners pitch on-stage to iconic investors to gain exposure and feedback.

    Past PITCH Competitions: SF 2007, SF 2008, SF 2009, SF 2010, NYC 2012, SF 2013, LV 2013, SF 2014
    Upcoming: 2014

  • City Meetup

    City Meetup

    Women 2.0’s signature networking event to promote the creation of new networks among everyone in tech (men and women). Held monthly in 20 cities around the world.

  • Investor Hangouts

    Investor Hangouts

    A twice monthly Google Hangout for founders to pitch 2-3 investors. Founders get feedback to master their pitches and make a valuable connection with an investor.

  • Lightning Lessons

    Lightning Lessons

    A weekly, live broadcast where Women 2.0 sits down with an innovator to gain advice and insights on their disruptive journey in technology.