PITCH NYC 2012 Exhibit Hall

Women 2.0 PITCH NYC Conference & Competition 2012

A Collaborative Forum For Entrepreneurs

November 14, 2012 – Manhattan Center – New York, NY


Exhibit Hall

Be a part of PITCH NYC 2012 Conference with a Startup Demo Table, Exhibitor Table or a spot in the Fashion 2.0 Alley. Get in front of 1000 highly targeted conference attendees and be aligned with the top brand for technology, women and entrepreneurship.

Exhibit hall (ie. Startup Alley, Fashion 2.0 Alley) hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm on November 14, 2012 at the PITCH NYC Conference in the Manhattan Center.

For more information the exhibit hall, please contact Sepi Nasiri at [email protected]. You can also purchase a table directly here.

Startup Alley + Fashion 2.0 Alley

Clear Memorial has the first-mover advantage as a service that fundamentally changes the way business is conducted in the death care industry. The Nation’s first and only network of reputable funeral homes, interactive funeral planning tools, aggregated pricing and grief resources. In the minds of customers, Clear Memorial will help elevate the trust, respect and confidence of brands that are invited into its funeral home network. Lack of transparency in the funeral industry, evolving consumer trends and an aging population combine to create a significant need to assist the bereaved.

Elsa And Me is versatile work and formal style for empowered ladies. Made in New York. The ELSA dress is for every occasion and body type – produced on individual orders locally in New York a dress will be made exclusively for you! (delivery time varies from 2 – 5 weeks). The ELSA dress is sold online and through sales ambassadors only, available in Dusty Black, Vanilla White, Midnight Blue, Power Red, Sunny Wheat and Sweet Potato with additional colors to be introduced throughout the year. It has gotten to be known to flatter every figure and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

HealthyOut is your mobile nutrition coach. HealthyOut makes healthy eating simple, fun and addictive. Our first iPhone app is “Yelp + Path” for healthy eating. Search for local restaurant dishes by calories or points, by nutrition tags or by popular diets. HealthyOut is a top app in iTunes New Food&Drink, disrupting the diet/nutrition space.

Hulafrog is a digital community guides for parents. Think “Yelp meets Eventful” for families: a multi-device tool that connects parents to the local businesses and daily events for kids in their community, as well as to each other. The company is addressing an unmet need in the suburbs and smaller markets where 72% of U.S. families live. Hulafrog began expanding in 2012 and is now in 25 markets from Connecticut to California. The company is generating revenue, the first market is profitable and user metrics are growing 30% month-over-month. Current job opportunities include local publishers (all U.S.) and junior & senior developers (NY Metro area). The company is currently raising its seed round. Please contact [email protected] to learn more about Hulafrog.

Maternova aims to radically overhaul the current global system for prioritizing and distributing life-saving technologies for mothers and infants. We cut the red tape and bring healthcare innovations directly to procurement agents around the globe. The first e-commerce and collaboration platform for healthcare innovations for emerging and developing economies, Maternova’s pioneering marketplace and online community are revolutionizing the connections between users and accelerating distribution of innovative lifesaving technologies. We’ve already reached 70,000 unique users, 170 countries and nearly 100 organizations/customers. Maternova saves more lives, because in this day and age, 2 million infants and 300,000 women need not die in childbirth.

PhotoCircle is private photo sharing made easy – a new mobile application that allows you to privately share photos with your friends, family and others. We believe that many of your photos aren’t meant for the rest of the world, and should only be shared with the people you care about most. PhotoCircle allows you to create private albums we call “Circles” and start taking photos together. Users can join Circles via text, email or CircleConnect, our patent-pending technology that pairs phones together in seconds. Photos taken by anyone in the Circle are shared and can be viewed by all others in the Circle in real-time. The Circle and its photos are kept private by default, but can also be shared onto facebook, twitter, or via email. PhotoCircle is great for families, friends, co-workers, and for large events like birthdays, weddings, dinner and holiday parties, charity events and conferences.

PlumAlley.co is the destination site to buy products of beauty and substance from female founded companies. Each week, we share the story of one female founder and a curated selection of her goods. We believe that discerning consumers want to know about the products they buy and the founders who took the path to create companies built with passion, intellect, and determination. PlumAlley.co defines luxury by what goes into the creation of a product rather than its cost, and only features products that uphold our standard of excellence. It is important to support female-founded companies with our purchasing power as women entrepreneurship is a key component to the growth of job and wealth creation, and vital to the overall health of our economy. By celebrating female founders and sharing their stories, we create visibility for these women, heighten their success, and inspire more women to found their own companies.

Section 101 delivers a dynamic web-based platform that enables the creation of beautiful, personalized websites that are easy to use and effective. The platform also provides a powerful suite of marketing tools including SEO, email, social media integration, analytics and reporting. The Section 101 solution is a Do-It-Yourself model, providing all the tools and functionality required to create a unique website on a budget. The company also offers a premier service for those clients looking for creative development and strategic guidance. The company currently works with music and entertainment brands, and is launching an author and lifestyle brand line in early 2013. Section 101 works with a wide array of clients including Aimee Mann, Duran Duran, BUSH, B|W|R Public Relations, Robot of the Century Music Publishing and many others. Section 101 was founded by Liz Leahy, a digital marketing pioneer, who is passionate about the power of the web, and the control and opportunities it provides for a brand’s long-term success.

Tokii‘s founders, Karla and Al Tolstoy, believe everyone deserves to be happy in their relationship. They also understand that relationships are tough; they require effort, compromise and self-assessment. And yet the best thing in life is when a couple has respect, are playful and in love with each other! Through their experiences, combined with extensive market research and working with a team of professionals, they created Tokii. Tokii is the world’s first premium self-help relationship management platform designed to help couples and daters better manage and develop their relationship in a secure and private environment with unique and interactive tools. Tokii’s games and quizzes facilitate communication between couples in a fun and engaging way. Tokii products enable couples to not only compare their results to each other but see an aggregated view of the Tokii Community. Tokii.com’s opening message “Play, Learn, Love” speaks volumes to the site’s objectives.

URAWARRIOR is an online social networking site that will make a difference in the lives of people who are dealing with life altering issues or every day troubles. We will help those who are suffering in silence and provide support through our experts, doctors, therapists, trainers and warriors like you. You can find peers in your same age group, neighborhood or field of struggle. Our aim is to provide a place where users can share their struggles, hardships and challenges while they heal through human connection.

Whit.li provides Enterprises with unprecedented social media intelligence, by segmenting fans and followers in real-time, based on personality analysis via natural language processing, lifestyle data and real interests. Whit.li’s social segmenting tool gathers massive ‘focus group’ data specific to a brand’s online audience. All Enterprises strive to build products and Marketing programs that result in a favorable response from their audience. However, the cost for customer insights (Focus Groups, Research Products, etc) can be high, and prevent many organizations from truly understanding what makes their audience ‘tick’. Yet these organizations already possess loads of consumer data within their social sphere that they’ve yet to tap into. Whit.li’s ‘Social Segmentation Tool’ allows large organizations to: define a segmentation lens and apply it to their social media audience; understand the unique personality traits, life-stage demographics and interests that characterize each segment; and measure the effectiveness of campaigns within target segments.

Conference Sponsorship Packages:For more information on sponsorship packages and to discuss becoming a sponsor, please contact Sepi Nasiri at [email protected].

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • Cocktail Hour, Lunch Hour, Panels etc.

Conference Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Exhibitor table (Your choice of location in main traffic flow of conference area – first come first serve)
  • Four (4) PITCH NYC 2012 Conference attendee badges
  • Branding in print & digital media on http://pitch.women2.com
  • Uniquely customized according to sponsor

Exhibitor Table: $5,000


  • Technology, product or service venture
  • Venure-funded


  • Two (2) PITCH NYC 2012 Conference attendee badges
  • 5’ Exhibitor table
  • Branding in print and digital media on http://pitch.women2.com

To purchase an exhibitor table, click here.

Startup Demo Table: $1,500


  • Technology, product or service venture founded less than 5 years old
  • Less than $5 million in funding raised


  • Two (2) PITCH NYC 2012 Conference attendee badges
  • 30” Cocktail round table to demo
  • Branding in print and digital media on http://pitch.women2.com

To purchase an startup demo table, click here.

Fashion 2.0 Alley: $1,500


  • Emerging and current fashion designers who want to showcase their products (jewelry, shoes, purses, dresses, clothes, etc)


  • Two (2) PITCH NYC 2012 Conference attendee badges
  • Space to show your products

To purchase your space in the Fashion 2.0 Alley, click here.

About PITCH NYC Conference & Competition

A One-Of-A-Kind Competition

PITCH NYC 2012 is the “must-attend” event for investors, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers focused on advancing the role of women in technology and exploring up-and-coming trends in innovation. With over 1000 attendees expected, this important conference will be the only platform that unites the entire ecosystem to nurture and support the fastest-growing demographic in the startup space – women – as creators and consumers.

The run-up to PITCH NYC is defined by an annual competition for early-stage technology startups to gain exposure to investors and valuable feedback for next steps. Each year we receive 100+ submissions from over 20 countries with finalists gaining unique opportunity to pitch onstage to iconic investors such as:

A Solution-Packed Conference

Alongside the competition, PITCH NYC offers a high-level agenda that will not only showcase the next big women-led launches but also feature intensive industry debate, hard-hitting case studies and top-level interviews addressing the hottest topics that came up from research with practitioners across the industry. Past keynote speakers at PITCH included:

A Unique Marketing Platform

We are already experiencing an unprecedented amount of traction from the community and media for PITCH NYC 2012 and look forward to announcing a line-up of speakers considered to be the “who’s who” in technology within the next fortnight. We expect all of our speakers and presenters to enjoy publicity from the extensive PR campaign. Women 2.0 boasts consistent media coverage from:

About Women 2.0

Women 2.0 is an emerging global media company for aspiring and current female entrepreneurs to launch successful scalable, innovative ventures. Women 2.0 is a global network and social platform for influencers that drive trends and decisions – as founders and as consumers.

Women 2.0 is a hub and distributes its intellectual capital across multi-platforms online (mobile, social, web) and offline (events, workshops, conferences).

Women 2.0 Products

BLOG NETWORK: Articles covering startup lessons learned, interviews and latest trends written by female founders.

PITCH: An annual startup competition for startups in beta to gain exposure to investors and valuable feedback for next steps. Each year we receive 100+ submissions and engage iconic investors such as Michael Moritz (Sequoia), Tim Draper (DFJ), Esther Dyson (ED Ventures) and more.

FOUNDER FRIDAY: A Women 2.0 networking event to promote the creation of new networks among aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs and investors in innovative cities around the world. We have held over 30 Founder Friday events in 20 global cities.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: A collection of videos featuring female CEOs and founders sharing startup advice. These include leaders at the helm of mobile, software, platform, search, and e-commerce companies such as Caterina Fake (Flickr, Hunch), Eileen Gittins (Blurb), and Megan Smith (Google.org), among others.

Current Women 2.0 Reach:

  • 100K community globally
  • 65K monthly website traffic
  • 30 video interviews produced, 37K video views (original content)
  • 300+ influential bloggers providing original content (Including: Chris Shipley, Esther Dyson, Mary Lou Jepsen, more)
  • 65+ global networking events, in 30 cities, 6K attendees
  • Spanish-language market reach with sister company, Ellas 2.0