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Interested in contributing your voice to Women 2.0? We’re always thrilled to get submissions from smart folks working in tech and startups. There are three ways to go:

Syndicated Content

Are you a startup founder, tech company employee or investor who has already written something you think our audience would love (for example, on your personal or startup blog, Medium, or as a LinkedIn Influencer)? Submit it for our editorial team by emailing [email protected].

What sort of content does Women 2.0 publish? Industry insights, advice, startup lessons learned, and life/productivity hacks from founders, developers, designers and others working in technology. Help our readers change the world through tech with your know-how!

What sort of things does Women 2.0 NOT publish?

Original Guest Posts

Do you have a startup or technology-related insight that you think would benefit our audience that you’d like to write up for Women 2.0? Email [email protected] a little bit about your background and idea. We welcome pitches from founders, technologists and other members of the startup ecosystem who want to tell their stories and we read them all — we promise, we really do!

Women and men are both welcome to write.

Investor Profiles

Are you an investor in technology companies who would like to introduce yourself to our amazing community of founders and aspiring founders? Fill out a few brief questions here and be profiled on our site, then send an email to [email protected] to let us know. Previous featured investors include: