Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition 2012

Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition 2012

Successful Case Studies & Future Visions: From Concept To Cash

February 14, 2012 – Computer History Museum – Mountain View, CA


Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition (February 14, 2012 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA) is a full day event to learn from the product innovation leaders who built Flickr, Facebook, Zipcar, TaskRabbit, LARK and more. Both men and women working in technology (from early-stage startup to corporate) are invited to hear speakers share best practices, growth strategies and stories of disruptive product development.

Learn about launching products from concept to cash and customers! Watch the Women 2.0 Startup Competition finalists pitch live to a panel of investors for feedback and prizes. Network with 800+ members of the Women 2.0 community at our biggest event of the year!

Who should attend? Anyone working in technology, from early-stage startup to corporate. Anyone thinking about starting a startup, or generally interested in technology and innovation. This includes but is not limited to: designers, developers, product managers, marketers, business development…

PITCH Conference & Competition speakers are leaders of technology and innovation, including:

  • Caterina Fake (Co-Founder, Flickr & Hunch)
  • Katie Mitic (Director of Platform & Mobile Marketing, Facebook & Board Member, eBay)
  • Robin Chase (Co-Founder, Zipcar & CEO, Buzzcar)
  • Leah Culver (Founder & CEO, Grove)
  • Leah Busque (Founder & CPO, TaskRabbit)
  • Julia Hu (Founder & CEO, LARK)
  • Danielle Fong (Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, LightSail Energy)
  • Cathy Edwards (Co-Founder & CTO, Chomp)
  • Sheila Lirio Marcelo (Founder & CEO, Care.com)
  • Deena Varshavskaya (Founder & CEO, Wanelo)
  • Jean Hsu (Engineer, Obvious)

Key themes include:

  • Leading and launching – Managing ideas and people from concept to lift-off.
  • Pitching for investment – The successes and challenges of seeking funding from investors.
  • Future visions – Thought leaders from the next generation of innovation and disruption.

An action-packed full-day conference agenda:

8:00am – 9:00am
9:00am – 9:20am
MORNING KEYNOTE: Making, the True Path and Keeping It Real.
Caterina Fake (Co-Founder, Flickr & Hunch)

9:55am – 10:25am
KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: From Concept to Customers
Robin Chase (Co-Founder, Zipcar & CEO, Buzzcar)
Hear insider stories about key decisions made in Zipcar’s early days. Discover how the company launched with a mere $75k to become the brand you know and love today.

  • How Zipcar validated a business model that has scaled globally with very little change over 11 years.
  • What was different about Zipcar’s early-stage pitch, how long it took to secure funding and what we learnt about the pitching process.
  • How Zipcar pulled together an all-star team and the key decisions that made all the difference.

10:25am – 10:55am

10:55am – 11:55am
PITCH COMPETITION: Finalist Pitches (Session One)
See PITCH Startup Competition finalists in action – learn from real-time investor feedback.
Companies Pitching: Perfect Beauty, Prosperity, Buyosphere, Kismet, DocPons
Judges: Aileen Lee (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), Christina Brodbeck (Angel Investor), Dave McClure (Founding Partner, 500 Startups), Rachel Pike (Investment Professional, Draper Fischer Jurvetson), Thomas Korte (Founder & Managing Partner, AngelPad)

11:55am – 12:25pm
MORNING CLOSING KEYNOTE: Product Innovation Leadership
Katie Mitic (Director of Platform & Mobile Marketing, Facebook & Board Member, eBay)
Hear the insider scoop on how Facebook’s product-innovation philosophy permeates everything they do. Discover how you can apply the same principles with your team:

  • Learn the product philosophies, lessons and practices that drive Facebook.
  • Gain practical tips on creating a leadership culture where everyone is part of the innovation process.
  • Balance inspiration and pragmatism to make your disruptions relevant in the long-term.

12:25pm – 12:30pm

12:30pm – 2:00pm

2:00pm – 2:40pm
THE $50M PANEL: Women Sharing VC Funding Successes & Challenges
Deena Varshavskaya (Founder & CEO, Wanelo), Leah Busque (Founder & Chief Product Officer, TaskRabbit), Sheila Lirio Marcelo (Founder & CEO, Care.com)
Hear your questions answered by women who’ve raised millions in funding:

  • How does an early-stage entrepreneur break into the angel and investor circle if they don’t have an high-level Silicon Valley network? What routes were successful for you?
  • How did you improve your skills and pitch to match what investors were looking for?
  • What is the one thing you wish someone had told you? (or that you’d listened to?)

2:40pm – 3:40pm
PITCH COMPETITION: Finalist Pitches (Session Two)
Companies Pitching: DINKLife, Evo, Tiny Review, Hotseat
Judges: Joy Marcus (Partner, DFJ Gotham Ventures), Margit Wennmachers (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz), Naval Ravikant (Founder & CEO, AngelList), Sukhinder Singh Cassidy (Founder & Chairman, JOYUS)
More finalists take the stage – take away tips to make your pitches shine.

3:40pm – 3:55pm

3:55pm – 4:20pm
CASE STUDY: Don’t Rely On Cupid. Finding & Cultivating The Right Team
Julia Hu (Founder & CEO, Lark)
Discover how Lark has used creative tactics to build an all-start team on a shoestring budget. Learn practical ways to balance your own team with different types of personalities and skills:

  • Attracting the top strategic partners, moonlighters, and mentors from day one without money as part of your team.
  • Hiring and firing using a values system and good legal structure: a case study.
  • Successfully managing working with friends and partners.

4:20pm – 4:40pm
CASE STUDY: Key Decisions In The First 90 Days of Building A New Product
Cathy Edwards (Founder & CTO, Chomp)
Hear the CTO of Chomp talk about the early build of their product; from integrating key user research to pulling together the right set of engineers and designers to make it happen:

  • Discover user’s problems then shuffle and shape your product around where the market is going.
  • Pull together a technical team with the right skills and an attitude in the early days to avoid troubles later.
  • Understand which early technical decisions will be pivotal during growth stage and then create just the right amount of process to ship product.

4:40pm – 5:20pm
PANEL: Future Trends & Technical Innovations – What’s Next?
Danielle Fong (Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, LightSail Energy), Jean Hsu (Engineer, Obvious), Jeff Clavier (Founder & Managing Partner, SoftTech VC), Leah Culver (Founder & CEO, Grove)
Hear a panel of engineers and scientists talk about their visions of the technical landscape, emerging trends and what they think you should be preparing for. Questions will include:

  • How do you think the innovation landscape and processes are changing?
  • How can we separate the fads from the phenomena? What do you see as the next big market drivers?
  • The role of a scientist when science and business collide. Where are the important compromises in building effective products?

5:20pm – 5:30pm

5:30pm – 6:00pm

6:00pm – 8:00pm
Sample truffles and wines while networking at our cocktail hour.

A one-of-a-kind competition:

The run-up to PITCH Conference & Competition is defined by Women 2.0’s fifth annual startup competition for early-stage tech startups, who receive exposure to investors and valuable feedback for next steps.

Watch the finalists of the 2012 Women 2.0 Startup Competition pitch live and hear first-hand feedback from panels of real investors on what makes a successful pitch for investment. Previous investors have included:

On February 14, 2012 — the Women 2.0 PITCH Competition will be judged by:

Aileen Lee (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)
Aileen is a Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, having joined the firm in 1999. Her primary area of focus is working with consumer-oriented digital companies. Aileen has worked closely with the teams at companies such as Blue Nile (Nasdaq: Nile), Bloom Energy, Friendster (acquired by MOL Global), Good Technology (acquired by MOT), shopkick, Tellme (acquired by Microsoft) and Zazzle.

Christina Brodbeck (Angel Investor)
Christina is an angel investor. She is also co-founder of theicebreak, a new service that helps couples to create more rewarding relationships with snack-sized activities. Prior to theicebreak, Christina was a founding team member at YouTube and the company’s first UI Designer. She later went on to lead UI for YouTube Mobile and mentors at various places including 500 Startups and The Designer Fund.

Dave McClure (Founding Partner, 500 Startups)
Dave is a venture capitalist and founding partner at 500 Startups, an Internet startup seed fund and incubator program in Mountain View, CA. He likes to hang out with entrepreneurs, and occasionally help or invest in their startups if they are foolish enough to let him. He has worked with companies such as PayPal, Mint, Founders Fund, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Twilio, Simply Hired, Intel and Microsoft.

Joy Marcus (Partner, DFJ Gotham Ventures)
Joy joined DFJ Gotham Ventures as a Venture Partner in May 2011. Prior to joining DFJ Gotham Ventures, Joy was General Manager, US for video website Dailymotion, from its US launch through its acquisition by Orange (France Telecom) in January 2011. Prior to Dailymotion, Joy was SVP Global Marketing at Time Warner and served as VP Business Development of Barnes&Noble.com. She began her career as an M&A lawyer.

Margit Wennmachers (Partner, Andressen Horowitz)
Margit manages the firm’s brand and helps portfolio companies on marketing and communications. She maintains deep relationships with key influencers, including reporters and vendor agencies and brings in deals from budding entrepreneurs in the technology space. Prior to Andreessen Horowitz, she co-founded and grew The OutCast Agency from two employees to almost 100 (revenue over than $15 million annually).

Naval Ravikant (Founder & CEO, AngelList)
Naval is an entrepreneur and angel investor, a co-author of Venture Hacks, and founder & CEO of AngelList. Previously, he was a co-founder at Genoa Corp (acquired by Finisar), Epinions (IPO via Shopping), and Vast. He has advised Bix.com, iPivot, and XFire, among others, and invested in many companies including Twitter, FourSquare, DocVerse (sold to Google), Mixer Labs (sold to Twitter), PlanCast and Stack Overflow.

Rachel Pike (Investment Professional, Draper Fischer Jurvetson)
Rachel joined Draper Fisher Jurvetson in 2010 and is active in the clean technology, software, and mobility sectors. Prior to joining DFJ, Rachel completed her Ph.D. in atmospheric chemistry at the University of Cambridge, where she served as President of the Gates Scholars, worked on a field campaign in Malaysia, and gave a short TED University talk on the scale of scientific research behind climate headlines.

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy (Founder & Chairman, JOYUS)
Sukhinder is Founder & Chairman of JOYUS. Prior to JOYUS, she served as CEO and Chairman of the board at Polyvore, and CEO-in-Residence with Accel Partners. From 2003 to 2009, she was a senior executive at Google. While at Google, Sukhinder also chaired the Women’s Leadership Community to help initiate networking and development opportunities among Google’s female management community.

Thomas Korte (Founder & Managing Partner, AngelPad)
Thomas is the Founder and Managing Partner of AngelPad, a startup mentorship program he launched in 2010 with a team of fellow ex-Googlers. Since then, AngelPad has helped to launch some 37 companies, 31 of which have raised over $25 million in additional funding. Prior, Thomas spent seven years at Google where he was the first international Product Manager and later their first Product Evangelist.

Watch as the Women 2.0 PITCH Startup Competition finalists vie for prizes:

  • “PITCH 2012 Winner”
  • “Most Disruptive Product” – Cash Prize Awarded By Tropo
  • “Most Promising Team”
  • “Product Most Likely To Change The World”

The winning team of the 2012 Women 2.0 PITCH Startup Competition receive meetings with top-tier venture capitalists after the conference, including:

Aileen Lee (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)
Aileen is a Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, having joined the firm in 1999. Her primary area of focus is working with consumer-oriented digital companies. Aileen has worked closely with the teams at companies such as Blue Nile (Nasdaq: Nile), Bloom Energy, Friendster (acquired by MOL Global), Good Technology (acquired by MOT), shopkick, Tellme (acquired by Microsoft) and Zazzle.

Mike Maples (Managing Partner, Maples Investments)
Mike is the Managing Partner of Maples Investments. He was recently named as one of “8 Rising VC Stars” by Fortune Magazine for his investments in business and consumer technology companies. Before becoming a full-time investor, Mike was an entrepreneur and operating executive who worked in a variety of senior management roles in high-growth companies.

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