San Francisco

Join us July 9th for City Meetup San Francisco!

Meet the City Meetup San Francisco Team

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Marisol MacGregor Kathie Green Salem Kimble
Team Lead & Speaker Coordinator Social Media Volunteer Coodinator

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Past Speakers

***JANUARY 8, 2015***

Katherine Krug, Co-Founder, EVERST, Advisor, Blink

***NOVEMBER 6, 2014***

Roseanne Wincek, Investor, Canaan Partners

***OCTOBER 2, 2014***

Leigh Amaro, Product Development, MasterCard

Alexis Giles, Director of Business Development, SoundCloud

***SEPTEMBER 4, 2014***

Andrea Soto, Chief of Staff to President, Global Operations and Technology, MasterCard

Danielle Morrill, Co-Founder and CEO of Mattermark

***AUGUST 7, 2014***

Anne-Marie Roussel, Co-Founder of SeeSpace

Andrea Ashwood, Thermal Engineer at Dropcam

***JULY 10, 2014***

Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, 6Sense

***JUNE 5, 2014***

Janice Fraser, CEO and Founder, LUXr

*** MAY 1, 2014 ***

Laura Yecies, CEO, Catch.com, CEO, Board of Directors, SugarSync, Investor and Advisor

Shivani Sopory, Senior Manager, KPMG

*** APRIL 3, 2014 ***

Edith Yeung, Partner at Right Ventures/ VP International Business Development at Dolphin Browser

Shivani Sopory, Senior Manager at KPMG