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Hello NY! Looking to network with the local technology ecosystem? Come on through to the next Women 2.0 City Meetup, be inspired, build new relationships and drive change.

Women 2.0 City Meetup creates an inclusive community for anyone working, innovating, or investing in technology. Women 2.0 City Meetup is open to both women and men.

Meet the Team:

Tina Israni

Tina Israni

Tina Israni

Tina Israni

Heather Resnicoff Tiffany Walker Julia Capalino Ventrice Lam Sharon Sion
Team Lead & Speaker Moderator Team Lead & Speaker Moderator Social Media Coordinator Venue Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator

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Past Speakers

***JULY 9, 2015***






Tiffany Sun, Head of Content Strategy and Editor-in-Chief, Happify






Irene Tserkovny, Founder and COO, Docurated


***JUNE 4, 2015***






Cathy Han, CEO and Co-Founder, 42 Technologies






Kelly Peeler, Founder & CEO, NextGenVest

***MAY 7, 2015***






Susan Taing, Founder and CEO, Bhold (previously our March 5th speaker)






Jessica Martino, Founder and CEO, CliqueChic






Yelena Mazur Tibone, Engagement Manager, AppNexus

***APRIL 2, 2015***






Amy Wu, CFO, Head of Global Operations, NewsCred, Former Investor, IA Ventures






Lisa LaCour, Global Vice President, Marketing, Outbrain

***FEBRUARY 5, 2015***






Karen Pascoe, SVP – Group Head, User Experience at Mastercard






Mary Kate McGrath, Editor in Chief, PureWow






Marion Roaman, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, Peloton

***JANUARY 8, 2015***

Dwana Franklin-Davis, VP, Internet Engineering and Corporate IT

Adam Quinton, Founder and CEO, Lucas Point Ventures

Allison Dorst, Founder and CEO, Pinks and Greens

***NOVEMBER 6, 2014***

Carrie Kerpen, CEO, Likeable Media

Eileen Simon, Chief Francise Integrity Officer, MasterCard

***OCTOBER 2, 2014***

Kim Slate, Senior Vice President/ Group Head, Emerging Payments Technology, Portfolio Management, Mastercard

Tanya Menendez, Co-Founder, Maker’s Row

***SEPTEMBER 4, 2014***

Fran Hauser, Partner at Rothenberg Ventures

Suzanne Xie, Founder and CEO of Hullabalu

***AUGUST 7, 2014***

Nnamdi Okike
Nnamdi Okike, Founder at 645 Ventures

Elenor Mak, Co-founder Keaton Row

***JULY 10, 2014***

Anda Gansca
Anda Gansca, CEO & Co-Founder, Knotch


Kegan Schouwenburg, CEO & Co-Founder, SOLS Systems

Shaherose Charania

Shaherose Charania, CEO and Co-Founder, Women 2.0

***JUNE 5, 2014***




Amy Wu, Senior Associate, IA Ventures, Director of Ops, NewsCred

*** MAY 1, 2014 ***

Bea Arthur, CEO and Founder, Pretty Padded Room

Maxine Bedat, Co-Founder, Zady

*** APRIL 3, 2014 ***

Mariah Chase, CEO at ELOQUII

Sarah Kunst, Investor Board Member at Venture for America

Photo credit: Stuart Monk / Shutterstock.com