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Hello LA! Looking to network with the local technology ecosystem? Come on through to the next Women 2.0 City Meetup, be inspired, build new relationships and drive change.

Women 2.0 City Meetup creates an inclusive community for anyone working, innovating, or investing in technology. Women 2.0 City Meetup is open to both women and men.

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Past Speakers

***APRIL 2, 2015***






Gracye Cheng, Principal, Yang Ventures

***MARCH 5, 2015***






Nellie Akalp, CEO and Owner, CorpNet






Pilar Stella, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Alchemy P4 Fund

***JANUARY 8, 2015***

Crystal Rose, Co-Founder, CMO, Sensay

Tiffany Li, Investment Associate, Anthos Capital

***NOVEMBER 6, 2014***

Abby Sturges, Design Manager, Pivotal Labs

Fran Seegull, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director, ImpactAssets

Tamra Johnson, CEO, Dryad Communications, Angel Investor, Fellow, Pipeline Fellowship

***SEPTEMBER 4, 2014***

Jocelyn Loo, Co-Founder at beGlammed

***AUGUST 7, 2014***

Dana Lober, Co-Founder of Movie LaLa

***JULY 10, 2014***






Sherna Lee, Founder, Rciprocity

***JUNE 5, 2014***

Eva Ho, General Partner, Susa Ventures

*** MAY 1, 2014 ***

Lindsay Campbell, Partner, Bright Red Pixels, Angel Investor

*** APRIL 3, 2014 ***

Leura Spielman, CEO/Co-Founder of Laurel and Wolf

Image credit: Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock.com