Join us November 6th for the Los Angeles City Meetup!

Meet the Los Angeles City Meetup Team

Yen Le Tiffany Andrews
Volunteer Coordinator Speaker Moderator

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Past Speakers

***SEPTEMBER 4, 2014***

Jocelyn Loo, Co-Founder at beGlammed

***AUGUST 7, 2014***

Dana Lober, Co-Founder of Movie LaLa

***JULY 10, 2014***






Sherna Lee, Founder, Rciprocity

***JUNE 5, 2014***

Eva Ho, General Partner, Susa Ventures

*** MAY 1, 2014 ***

Lindsay Campbell, Partner, Bright Red Pixels, Angel Investor

*** APRIL 3, 2014 ***

Leura Spielman, CEO/Co-Founder of Laurel and Wolf

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