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Danielle Nanton Karolina Rocka Sahar Bickford-Smith
Team Lead & Speaker Coordinator Social Media Coordinator Speaker Outreach Manager

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Past Speakers

***October 2, 2014***

Brynne Herbert, CEO and Co-Founder, MOVE Guides

Sitar Teli, Managing Partner, Connect Ventures

***September 4, 2014***

Charlotte Leuw, Founder of MyCarGossip

***August 7, 2014***

Robyn Exton, Founder of Dattch

***July 10, 2014***

Christine Souffrant, CEO and Founder, Vended International

Michelle Lam
Michelle Lam, Founder, VisioMobile

***JUNE 5, 2014***

Avid Larizadeh, UK Lead,, Angel Investor, Co-Founder, Boticca

*** MAY 1, 2014 ***

Kimberly Hurd, Country Manager, Zomato

Stephanie Seege, Crowdsourcing Expert, Author

*** APRIL 3, 2014 ***

Bernadine Brocker and Marta Olszewska, Co-Founders, Vestari