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    by women20

    The Internet of Things and What it Means for Female Culture

    By Trisha Miller

    There are a few niches within the internet of things (IOT) that are undoubtedly geared towards

    women. Some of these are supremely successful industries worldwide. I’d like to take an

    unbiased look at just a few areas and determine if their wealth is well-deserved or promoting

    gender inequality. Hopefully, you can draw your own conclusions about what kind of good or

    harm the IOT is doing for our culture.

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    by women20

    3 Ways a Consultant Can Change Your Approach to Business

    Launching a startup isn’t for the weak of stomach. Many startups celebrate their lax (or nonexistent) dress codes and their daily ping-pong rituals, but that’s a decoy; new enterprises face countless struggles, from founders without CEO experience to funding issues to growth that’s too fast — or, often, not fast enough.

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    by Kate

    Planet of the Apps wants you (deadline Sept 21st)

    PLANET OF THE APPS – Now Accepting Pitches (DEADLINE Sept 21st)
    The Apple-produced show PLANET OF THE APPS, featuring judges, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba, is accepting pitches…. and they’ve reached out to us to make sure they have plenty of Female Founders to choose from.