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    There’s No Ambition Gap: Truth About Women in Tech

    “Diversity isn’t defined as having more women, diversity is defined as having more voices at the table.”

    By Jazmin Hupp (Director of Marketing, Tekserve)

    Jessica Lawrence spoke about There’s No Ambition Gap: Truth About Women in Tech at SXSW Interactive today. The first question poised is why do we still need to have this “feminist” conversation when women are more than half of college graduates and so on. But when you look at tech conferences, company boards, and most of the c-suites, it’s obvious that our HR masquerade for diversity

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    New York’s Top Lady-Led Startups

    Cindy Gallop’s site “If We Ran The World” encourages members to tap into great intentions and get help to follow through. Breaking down big goals into “microactions” that members can accomplish to chip away at audacious goals.

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    Learn Product Development For Technology And Physical Products November 14 In Oakland

    Turn your product into a business – think through product development!

    By Darlene Crane (Executive Director, Alliance for Community Development)

    The Alliance for Community Development is in program mode again. We always want to encourage a climate of forward progress and growth, so we’ve renamed the series Propel Business Growth Forums. Starting on November 14, the first forum in the series focuses on product development for technology and physical products.

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    How to Get TechCrunched (And Much More Press) In One Week

    By Elissa Rose (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)


    I met Lindsay Eyink on a scenic ride back to the Bay Area on the California Zephyr train. We connected about our experiences in the startup world over drip coffee and dining car food.

    She launched Drinkify, a Boston Music Hack Day project that pairs music with drinks. Lindsay and her team, Hannah Donovan and Matt Ogle, watched their work become a meme that spread across the Internet instantaneously, surprising them with significant press and partnership offers from big players.

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    Study Shows Gender Diversity In Company Leadership Still Lagging

    By Blake Landau (Blogger, What’s Your Story)

    It’s official, the tech industry is a major laggard in gender diversity at the highest levels of the corporate ladder, at least according to an extensive study produced by the UC Davis Graduate School of Management pioneered by Research Specialist Amanda Kimball.

    I attended a panel of senior executives at Deloitte in downtown San Francisco last week. The event was co-produced with Watermark, a non-profit that aims to support women in leadership, for the purpose of discussing the results of the 2011 UC Davis report on California Women Business Leaders with alarming statistics

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    Female Founders To Watch In Forbes “Impact 30”

    By Elissa Rose (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

    Forbes has created their Impact 30, a list of social entrepreneurs, defined by Forbes as “people who use business to solve social issues.” They have chosen their 30 entrepreneurs, nine of whom are women, with a panel of diverse experts.

    These are the people using business and non-profits to solve real world social problems in innovative ways. They give healthcare to freelancers, keep babies warm without electricity, provide affordable housing, and offering high value advice to promising businesses in low income areas. These are people who

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    The Silent Killers: Entrepreneurs That Just Do It

    By Brad Feld (Managing Director, Foundry Group)


    On my run yesterday in Central Park, I was thinking about the characteristics of some of my favorite companies. Suddenly a phrase popped into my head about what ties all of these companies together – they are the silent killers.

    When I look at the Foundry Group portfolio, we’ve got a bunch of them in it. They don’t spend a lot of time trying to get written up in TechCrunch. They often are not based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their CEOs don’t run around bloviating about what they are going to do some day.

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    9 Things To Consider When You Name A Startup

    By Bernadette Jiwa (Brand Consultant, The Story of Telling)

    Everyone can agree that there’s nothing really objectionable about calling your business ‘Bargain World’. It’s an innocuous name and most people won’t hate it. That’s the problem. If you’re going to name your startup, product or service something that people won’t hate, then you’re giving yourself an identity that they will never be able to care about, either.

    Bunkum! I hear your cry what about Apple and Amazon, aren’t they just unobjectionable words too? Back in 1976 when Apple was Apple Computer, tech startups and corporations were called IBM (what does that stand for?) and Microsoft.

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    A Chilean Startup Founder Takes On Penelope Trunk

    By Michelle Veronese (Co-Founder, Novelo)


    In her latest guest post for TechCrunch, Penelope Trunk, the co-founder of Brazen Careerist, argues that there are so few women in tech because women are inherently interested in raising a family, particularly those in their 30’s.

    Unfortunately, Trunk’s article fully misses the heart of the problem facing women in technology today, and she is instead causing more harm and division than any good.

    It is correct to say that women

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    Siri Demonstrates High-Tech Gender Gap

    By Sady Doyle (Staff Writer, In These Times)

    Last week, tech and feminist blogs erupted with a startling story: Siri, the iPhone 4 app that responds to voice queries with pre-programmed or search-engine-based replies, refused to direct its users to abortion clinics.

    Not only that: Apple’s Siri seems programmed to respond to sexual or sex-related questions almost invariably as if the user were a certain kind of cisgender man.

    If you tell Siri you’ve been raped, she wouldn’t tell you to go to a hospital, or to the police; if you tell Siri you want

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    Women (And Girls And Boys) Should Do Startups

    By Zach Holman (Ego Surfer, GitHub)

    Yesterday Penelope Trunk wrote a guest post on TechCrunch that told us all to “Stop Telling Women To Do Startups”.

    Pardon me while I do just the opposite.

    Startups don’t need to suck.

    Trunk’s article has a lot of arguments that just aren’t relevant to the problem of getting more women in startups. Most of them are an indictment against startups in general

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    It All Adds Up: TheoryMine Founder On Math And Entrepreneurship

    By Flaminia Cavallo (Founder, TheoryMine)

    I am not very different from any other young women you come across. I don’t like waking up early in the mornings, and I like staying up late chatting with my friends. I like shopping and nights out. I like working out, but I like staying in to watch a movie even more. I love to travel and I count the days until my next holiday. I like mathematics and computers, which has always felt natural.

    That’s why I was once surprised by the weird faces that people pull when asked the inevitable “so what did you study?” question. I answer with a wry smile “Artificial Intelligence and Maths.” I am now very used to it.

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    Know Your Users: Beautiful Art Needs Beautiful Apps

    By Sian Morson (Founder & CEO, Kollective Mobile)


    I have always been in love with technology and I have always been independent. Together, those two things have brought me to where I am today –- CEO and Founder of Kollective Mobile, a mobile development agency. When I look back, every job I’ve had has prepared me for my role as a founder. It was a long road, but I’m convinced that every failure, success, irritating client and difficult project now provide me a much-needed reference when issues arise while I run my company.

    I studied Film at NYU. For a few months after graduation

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    Game Changers: The Women Who Make Video Games

    By Keith Stuart (Contributor, The Guardian)


    Three of the biggest video game releases this winter have something unusual in common. Gears of War 3, featuring space marines fighting aliens, Uncharted 3, an Indiana Jones-inspired game, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a dark science-fiction adventure, were all written by women.

    According to research by Tiga, the trade body representing the UK games industry, women make up just 12% of the development workforce in Britain –- a percentage reflected by similar surveys in the US and Canada.

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    Stop Telling Cats To Do Startups

    By Mark Birch (Entrepreneur,

    Editor’s note: Penelocat Trunk, writer and founder of Brazen Cattist, wrote a post that was published with a number of obvious errors. We regret the errors and have posted the following version with corrections.

    We need to get more dogs who are running tech startups instead decide to be stay-at-home puppy sitters.

    What do you think of that? That’s what it sounds like when anyone suggests that we need to get more cats doing startups.

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    How A Class Assignment Turned Into My Startup

    By Jessica Lachs (Founder, GiftSimple)

    I never thought I would be an entrepreneur. In business school, I was the only person in my entrepreneurship class who didn’t raise her hand when the professor asked “How many of you hope to start a business within the next five years?” I didn’t think I was the type.

    Entrepreneurs were mercurial, brash, took absurd risks and were men. Or so I thought.

    GiftSimple started as a class assignment my second year at The Wharton School. After positive market testing and some encouragement from VCs

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    Prosperity Candle Holiday Gifts That Give Back (Made By Women For Women)

    Siiri Morley (Founding Partner, Prosperity Candle)


    For many of us, the holidays begin to feel devoid of meaning and more like an endless to do list. Are the holidays really about finding the best deal or buying unwanted gifts that don’t inspire? The holiday season, at its best, should be about sharing, giving back and creating a deeper connection with loved ones. And for women like the ones reading this blog, it would be ideal to also be able to support and promote women as business leaders and change-makers.

    With the new gift collection from Prosperity Candle, you can avoid the typical frenzy of holiday gift shopping and find

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    Women 2.0 Startup Weekend Virgin to Addict In 54 Hours

    By Jenn Viane Riese (Founder, Modern Humanity)

    I’m no techie. I’m the Executive Director of a non-profit and I own a consulting company. I thought Ruby on Rails was a strip club. Admit it, it’s a great name for one. I didn’t think I had any right to attend Startup Weekend but I did have an idea, my passion project. Seeing it fail before even getting the chance to try — that was scarier than trying to find common ground in a room full of engineers.

    Still I felt I’d be an alien, a fish out of water, a dork trying to fit in. Would everyone think my pitch was lame? Yes, I was convinced. I’d have to go home on Friday night because no one would want to help build my team and no one would find me valuable to theirs.

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    How To Get More Women in Tech: Don’t Call Yourself A Girl (Video)

    By Meredith Lepore (Contributor, The Grindstone)

    “If you want to be respected in tech as a woman, don’t call yourself a girl. See if we start referring to all the women who work in tech as women, then we will have a lot more women when we get rid of the girls. And when I say women, I mean people who menstruate and pay taxes.” — Caroline Drucker in her amazing presentation on How To Get More Women in Tech in Under A Minute at Ignite NYC.

    Though the video is humorous at times, Caroline makes a profound point about semantics.

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    Work/Life Balance: Angela Benton Schedules For The Unexpected

    By Angela Benton (Founder & CEO, NewME Accelerator)

    It’s true that we really don’t see many women in tech, both as entrepreneurs and as executives. In fact, only a handful of top executives in tech are women and about 11% of tech founders are women. What is keeping women from starting businesses? There are several discussions about why women are shying away and how to get more of us into the field. Some point to mentorship, some point to STEM degrees, while others point to a variety of different solutions. The question I’ve heard lately from the women I know is telling, “When you decide to take a leap and be a founder, how do you find balance?”