Women Entrepreneurs Not Being All They Can Be

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Women lag behind their male counterparts in using online marketing to generate ROI.

By Geri Stengel (Founder, Ventureneer)

Women entrepreneurs, take note: As a group, you are dragging your feet when it comes to using and building your confidence in online marketing. It’s a good bet that your foot-dragging is a drag on your revenue as well.

The conclusion comes from Ditch Digital Dabbling: How Small Businesses + Nonprofits Can Master Online Marketing, a survey conducted by Ventureneer (my company) and Message Medium. Among the findings: the sad fact that women are lagging behind their male counterparts in using online marketing and generating a return on their investment.

If you’re ready to change that, Jennifer Benz will be an inspiration. She doesn’t fear online marketing or social media; she embraces them.

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