The Face of Success: Women and Venture Capital


By Vivek Wadhwa (Contributor, Inc)

In my last two articles, I discussed why, based on my research on immigrant entrepreneurs, I believed that Silicon Valley was the world’s greatest meritocracy. That was before I moved to the Valley and learned that this so-called meritocracy is highly imperfect, omitting women, blacks, and Hispanics. When I researched the dearth of women, I could find no explanation.

Women are equally motivated to become entrepreneurs; are equal or more competent at managing businesses; match boys in mathematical achievement; dramatically outnumber men in higher education; and receive more than 50% of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and nearly 50% of all doctorates, in the U.S.

So I interviewed more than 300 women in the technology industry, at different levels and in different professions, to find out what was holding them back.

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  • Carol Gonzalez-Sheak

    Silicon-Valley meritocracy needs to also watch for other than gender and ethnicity, its tendency toward ageism in funding entrepeneurs.

  • Sally Aldridge

    Keep going Vivek ! Closing the gender gap in SV can very quickly go from unthinkable, to all of a sudden be possible and then inevitable.